White House coronavirus update: More states enforcing stay-at-home orders | USA TODAY

More states are enacting strict stay-at-home orders this weekend as health officials nationwide seek to slow the community spread of COVID-19. RELATED: …


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How are you infocring stay at home when half of your people are out protesting that's a real way of a lockdown not dont they realise if they did what they where told it would be over by now but the people are ignoring you and making it longer to them it's just a game?


Infuse Crystalline Penicillin 600mg or 1 megaunit in 333,593 active Corona cases. No one will die.

Complete Clinical trial in just six hours.

Chloroquine 800mg single dose to every adult may eradicate Corona.

Youtube Video : Every Corona Death in World could be AVERTED

So we’re all just going to ignore the fact that no matter how long we quarantine for the virus is NEVER going to be eradicated. People will always have it and spread it no matter what. We can control spreading the virus by “staying home,” but what happens when quarantine is over and everyone goes back to their normal routine? It’s going to spread all over again, not only that but if they do find a vaccine we’re all gonna be forced to get it.

Expedite stimulus package some work remotely, while most have gotten laid-off due to virus. As if it was so easy to say just stay home while many have bills to pay this week. We can't just tell our credit cards, utilities bills, mortgage. insurances,car payments banks and landlords," I can't pay because of the virus –bills(banks)don't care about the Corona virus. This virus is truly affecting individuals economy.

These modern news agencies should be ashamed of the panic they are driving

For all the idiots promoting panic

Do you truly believe the panicked bullshit you are promoting?

1.3% is rate of death currently in usa
0.008% is current infection rate in USA

Your panicky drivel is trying and tiring

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