Coronavirus USA: What is Donald Trump's strategy? | DW News

In the US, numbers of coronavirus infections, and COVID-19 deaths, are spiraling, while public health officials struggle to equip hospitals with what they need.


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I have just finished a fourth investigation with an e-meter, a biofeedback device. I needed to do several tests with days of separation to be more sure, and I also needed to have a better perception of what this disease really is. The information that I have obtained is very strange, but I trust it quiet a bit because our bodies know everything, and I have been using this machine for a long time, so I have a lot of practice with it. And I am tired of hearing so many lies and so much doubt.
I have found this bug is not a virus, but a bacteria, a SALMONELLA, a pleomorfic bacteria that has become super resistant because of antibiotics that are given to people and to farm animals since way too long a time. These bacteria have strains that have become highly virulent, and they are infectious through plasmids, which are capsules that contain DNA, specifically, the information that makes them ever more virulent and which transfers the resistance acquired by salmonellas outside of body to salmonellas WE ALREADY HAVE IN THE BODY, and these plasmids are not destroyed by cooking heat, and they are very difficult to detect by normal laboratories, since they are very small particles of the size of a virus, but they are not contagious through the respiratory tract, which is consistent with the fact that covid19 causes interstitial pneumonia.
Also, if they don´t look for plasmids, they won´t find them, That is, if they look for a virus, they are not going to know what this disease is all about because salmonellas are all carriers of coronavirus.
I do not ask that you believe me, only that we keep investigating to see if we can confirm the information in other ways.
Big hugs to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

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Well it ain’t sort his life out so we couldn’t careless like we ain’t going to lose sleep over him loool. I think he still thinks Independence Day is real Yano with will smith in

WAKE THE F UP! they are all Masons of one sort or another,…. its a Masonic NWO Coup, the long planned WWW3 going hot this fall, all main world leaders in on it… disband the lodges and ban occultism in society, military, police and Government……. please please don't ignore this Elephant In The Room… the head of the snakes is the prize, stop fighting each other……

We got to pray for all the poor souls that were taken away due to this deadly virus ?!!
Every soul – British, American, Indian, Chinese, European, Russian, Aussie everyone is a human being! We have to pray for their souls to rest in peace ????✊✊

I suspect there are less deaths in America just from having less cars on the road. 90 people in America die every day in a car accident. Less total deaths in America is highly probable during Coronavirus over all.

Last 3 weeks in Bayern part of my son‘s task is to write stories and essays. Good story but main focuses are not to repeat same word again and again in one sentence or even for a whole story. Like someone here kept say Death , a lot of death , more death. He really lacks of words

Human has no control on mothers nature will …it is just a small virus which dismantled the whole world if ..nature is creating an earthquake the entire land believe me ur all success wd b like shhhhh

There is grate power behind this world one can never challenge that because that power is the power of GOD dont proud on your power just say GOD is one ,GOD is powerful this problem (COVID 19) ha created by GOD & only GOD can solve this problem pleas apologize to GOD

Trump believe in double standard policy
They say something , they work something
America's share market , manufacturing products , factories , mill , mall even economy total collapse
America is in recession !!!!

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