In Kobe Bryant's final interview he shared his future plans with USA TODAY | FULL INTERVIEW

In his last on camera interview on January 17th, 2020, NBA legend Kobe Bryant sat down with USA TODAY’s Mark Medina to talk about all of his latest projects.


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for me it was a sad day when they claimed mt bryant was dead, he was my favorite basketball player ever, whether he really died or even if they faked his death it hurt to see someone i respected for his skill on the court be presented in the news as a guy whos life was to short. id like to have taught him why in person that i reason why i never played pro basket ball, sad he;ll never see me throw up those bricks. rejected is how i earn my respect, i keep trying, because it only takes one basket made for a guy like me to win a day, just one is aa good day for me. i remember excelsior high and its wooden court, one game i made two shots and scored 4 points. a big deal for me a guy who scored 8 points in two seasons. that was like wilt chamberlains 100 point game as far as my career went, 4 legit both off the backboard on lay up board to swish.

I truly have to realize all of us have a day to return. Anytime I begin to think of my demise my mind drifts off most likely to protect myself from the fear. That isn't healthy or realistic. If I made peace with it I believe th e f fear would subside. Kobe inspires me to live fearleasly. Look at his legacy! I wish I could acquire a crumb of that minis the fear.

I love the book I've never watch one Harry Potter movie so I cannot draw the comparison but what I can do is say it's inspirational and motivational and young kids should definitely read it or have it read to them it will pull you out of Despair and give you hope and show you that your hard work and effort will pay off in the long run

To watch and hear an AfterLife interview about what happened in Kobe's and " GiGi's " last few minutes of this life, in the plane. ? Go look up Channeling Erik/Kobe Bryant. It was amazing, answered some of my own personal questions, shedded some light on some things, and gave me peace about the whole situation. But my heart and prayers are still with" V ," their girls, family, and fans, that's still grieving. ??✨

#ILearnedNotToBlameItOnThePiolet..You will, too. ❤️

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