Iran crisis: How will US-Iran relations play out in 2020? – BBC News

The assassination by the US of Iran’s most powerful general, Qasem Soleimani, has caused an escalation in tensions between the two countries. The BBC’s …


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A three week air campaign would reduce Iran to a landfill.. No electricity, No water, No sewer services, rampant starvation and in 90 days unchecked opportunistic disease.
It needs to happen ASAP.

کره جنوبی توانست استقلال یابد زیرا ایالات متحده سلاح های هسته ای خود را بر روی ژاپن انداخت. ایالات متحده نزدیکترین متحد کره است.
South Korea was able to become independent because the United States dropped its nuclear weapons on Japan. Also, the United States is South Korea's closest ally.

No Americans were harmed except the ones who were flown to Kuwait for treatment and other US basis in the region. US never dreamed retaliation for the Iranians. The Americans were told casualties were from other US basis in the region, to cover the truth.

The United States has encouraged Belarus to conclude and adhere to
agreements with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
on the program of macroeconomic stabilization and related reform measures, as
well as to undertake increased privatization and to create a favorable climate
for business and investment. Although there has been some American direct
private investment in Belarus, its development has been relatively slow given
the uncertain pace of reform

how about u treat "europeans"(russians) the same way u treat
arabs mr trump?

uncertain pace of reform means i take ur money and do nothing

shame on the usa

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