President Trump holds briefing on coronavirus testing | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump holds a press briefing on COVID-19 testing from the Rose Garden. RELATED: White House addresses coronavirus cases among West …


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Why is everything filled with hyperbole? ‘Greatest this. Biggest that. Nothing like this in the history of man.’. He simply cant help himself boasting and lying. A man so self-obsessed its incredible.

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Why mentioning Finland ? NOKIA = 5G. Besides even though not written by himself, a president should (be capable of) learn a speech and look people in the eye. Or use a hidden screen or souffleur.

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He knows he is skating on thin ice re the elections. All these promises, can't see them happening. As far as a bumper economy next year, with so many people unemployed, with no money to spend except on necessities, how is the economy going to boom.

By the way…..The Ticket to Work program for disabled citizens need counselors who can get Clients employed according to their education, and experiences.

I have a college degree in computer science – networks.
I can easily get a job paying $30k or more. But the Counselor Ticket to Work) only find jobs for their Clients that's beneath your qualifications. For example janitorial work. I have a college degree in Computer Networks. You mean to tell me theirs no jobs out their for "help desk, in computer networks?"

This President including the Democrats are America nightmare financially speaking. They have hi- intelligence with College degrees and for some reason can't understand They have already spent 2 Trillion (+) plus the (4) Trillion Democrats party is asking for. That comes to 6 Trillion.

When all was needed was to wear a mask. And keep buisnesess going.

I wouldn't be surprised if the money being given out will bankrupt America and threaten Social Security Disability and other Government funded programs

For Trump Administration not to take into consideration of future expenses their Administration need to be immediately investigated by the Federal Government and C.IA.

"Giving out money doesn't resolve anything." The President and his Administration local and abroad along with some other political affiliates "Democrats." Is attacking the United States Federal Banks with a nonsense solutions that will hinder America in the long run.

He’s so jealous of Obama he can’t sleep. That’s why he’s up tweeting all night. Trying to figure out how a man like Obama could be so much smarter than him. Easy answer, Obama actually could read, comprehend and wasn’t a TV game show host and crook.

He's probably a dictator or got possessed by ISIS or the COV-19 and cant think right.

It really doesnt really matter who you vote for because Democrats is asking for 400 Trillion.

The Federal Government and America is witnessing terrorism behind the top Officials and Presidents' of the United States of America.

They need to be arrested and investigated for trying to "bankrupt" America.

They have showed incompetence of intelligence by not resolving the problem with a cost effective remedy.

(Wear a mask.). Wash your hands.

Hypothetically, speaking. Let's say for example, I need my grass cut so I call a landscaper.

The landscaper keeps telling me I'm going to give you a 1,000.00 dollars.

I called because I need my grass cut. And I keep saying as long as your grass (CoV-19) isnt cut. I'll keep paying you a 1,000.00.

That doesnt get the grass cut.

Here's another example;

The White House got cockroaches. So everybody got to complaining. It became very disruptive and noticeable.

Your Administration gave out a $1,000.00 to every citizen to stop the issue with your cockroaches.

"You still got cockroaches, what are you doing?"

You know with his type of thinking let alone the Democrats following. Is shocking to witness.

I hope they dont resolve the water crisis in Africa with "America has to nuke Africa, in order to get the water flowing."

"What!!!??? Are you doing?""
Mr. President
That's a senseless resolution.

If that's the case give everybody a milly. (1 Million dollars)

It shouldn't be so easy to become a President for America or any Country. You should be tested on daily basis by Federal personnel to witness if your resolving the problem correctly. Someone on standby that can stop the President from engaging cold war because he got upset with what was said to him.

Their needs to be be Federal Government Psychiatric Doctor and Test evaluation going on constantly to make sure "the President and Admin.," is not dictators or under severe panic disorder, such as from (COV-19).
Even though not infected. They (President & Admin) must've panicked. And from a panic attack their "solution" was useless.

The President Trump Administration comprehension in resolving minor crisis has jeopardize America, through an alternative that needed no spending. What so ever.

If you really want to help, give every citizen….$(1) million dollars.

With great incentives for those who keep the country working. So people wont end up not going to work.

SHUT UP TRUMP! We have 335 million people in the U.S.! What is 9 million out of 335 million? The death rate is 3.5% so testing is at 3.1%! There are odds you die before you can even get tested! However the way Trump lies it's more than likely 900,000 tests and not 9 million. Yet, let us not forget! Trump refused tests from the W.H.O. and had tests made that were only 66% accurate!

More testing doesn't mean the gov , has done what we the people have needed. Many other countries have tested way more per million than we have and were much more successful in contact tracing. Those countries, SK for one, handled covid aggressively from beginning with far better results. We failed with contact tracing as soon as we had a dozen cases. This is info I have picked up on in earlier briefings from WH.

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