RNC 2020: Donald J. Trump accepts the Republican nomination for a second term | USA TODAY

The final night of the Republican National Convention has the theme of “Land of Greatness.” Along with Donald J. Trump accepting the Republican Party …


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Will anyone of even limited intelligence believe this hype and empty posturing. These adults believe a god is looking down just for them. They also believe there's a big heaven in the sky. I never trust the opinion of adults who have the beliefs and limited rationality of young children. Hubris is one of their so called sins but they don't mind getting it out publicly whenever it suits their agenda.

One way U.S. voters are being played during this presidential election campaign is the deceitful manner in which key issues are being framed for their consumption. Arguably the biggest and most important of these concerns the so-called “third rail” of American politics: Social Security.

President Donald Trump has vowed to kill funding for this critical, gargantuan program that nearly 70 million Americans depend on.

What? You haven’t heard Trump say he wants to kill Social Security’s funding? Actually, you have. Trump says he wants to kill the payroll tax — which is how Social Security is funded. Go Biden

I'm a proud french dude living in some city in the south of France and wtf I would dream to have a president like this.
This speech makes me have goosebumps.
He really likes America and want the best for it.

cBiden/Obama created 11.5 million jobs-He has a plan to defeat Covid and this will give us back our economy and our schools-will eventually not have to always wear masks-because Biden will defeat Covid both here and abroad-We have world's worst record on Covid-5% of the population and we have 25% of the proven cases-Biden/Harris will allow us to live our lives again-will heal racial/nd social unrest-Are you on board-I am -go Biden/Harris

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