Net10 Carrier-Locked Moxee CDMA 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot  – Connects up to 16 WiFi Enabled Devices – Built-in Color Display

4GCDMAHTC Evo 4G LTELTEMobile technologyMobile telecommunicationsNet10 Wireless
Price: $49.99
(as of May 09,2021 07:08:20 UTC – Details)

Samsung Galaxy S

Stay connected wherever you are with the Moxee Mobile Hotspot. The Moxee Mobile Hotspot is locked to Net10 and will only work on Net10 Wireless data plans.

30-Day and 60-Day Plans available;Small, compact and easy to use
Unlimited Talk, Text and Data Plans starting as low as $20/month
Note: This phone is carrier locked; Customers must have had their locked device activated on TracFone service for no fewer than 12 months, redeemed air time cards in no fewer than 12 months, and not have had their telephone number recycled or ported

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