Nommi: Mobile Hotspot | Secured 4G LTE Unlocked Wi-Fi Hotspot Device | Pay-as-You-Go Portable MiFi Hotspot | 10GB US Data + VPN | Wi-Fi Extender | eSIM/SIM in 150 Countries | 10000 mAh Power Bank

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Price: $199.99
(as of Sep 18,2021 13:59:28 UTC – Details)


Nommi is the world’s first eSIM hotspot with a built-in VPN and a crowdsourced WiFi passwords global database. You can save money with our innovative ARON technology that comes with over 4 million WiFi passwords from around the world. It seamlessly switches the connection between your paid data and any available free WiFi nearby. Nommi’s virtual SIM solution removes the need to buy a local SIM in every country you visit or use expensive data roaming. You will be online in 150+ countries with fast LTE data for less than $3 per day. All data options include unlimited connection to millions of free wifi networks all over the world. Nommi’s unique ARON feature saves your cellular data by seamlessly connecting your device to public wifi networks. It also provides a separate guest wifi network that you can share with family and friends. Lastly, it serves a wifi range extender so you can enjoy wifi in a cozier part of your home. It also functions as a wireless power bank, removing “my phone battery is dying” syndrome completely and making Nommi your best travel buddy.

Work remotely without any interruptions; Connect even in slow or no Wi-Fi areas for remote work using Wi-Fi extender; Unlocked mobile hotspot device connects up to 10 devices at the same time
Protect your privacy with a built-in VPN; Portable 4G hotspot connects to public Wi-Fi and accesses personal or work accounts, do not worry about data security
Pay-as-you-go hotspot Nommi is compatible with Verizon, T-Mobile, Mint SIM cards;
Portable hotspot Wi-Fi device has a high 10000 milliampere-hour power bank capacity which lasts for 48 hours and charges your devices during travel
It operates on an eSIM while travelling in over 150 countries worldwide

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