White House addresses coronavirus as U.S. death toll rises | USA TODAY

The coronavirus task force discusses the latest developments as the U.S. death toll reaches 150. RELATED: Could coronavirus lead to a global recession?


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mr Trump. kip silent just 1mnt.. don't forget Pray with Jesus!!! and … help your country and u!!!!!!!!! okk!!!! if u just angry!!! every is not like u just said u crazy!!! okkk!!!!!!!! just silent and pary!!!!!!!!!! in here .. every one just said u crazy!!! beacuse u angry with china!!!!!!!!!! okk u must pray!!!!.. pray!!!! u just dsilent juat one mnt for pray… if u angry and angry anemy just laugh and said u crazy!!!!!.. okkkkk. do to somothing. so presious!!!! u must have authentic proof. okkk so u can santion china!!! olll mr trump!! U have God!!! u must tell God your probelms!!!!!

america senction for iran and hunger to die people that why god curse punish american country.. because of one dirt racist man..loosing humanand wealth…he forget god only think i am nomber one then god…. 2020 he loose president..any way god not let him to wake up. again.. this is my predection..dont worry saudi arabia pay you trillio million they also same like you…

Doesn’t look like these fcukin idiots are adhering to ‘social distancing’. He comments on the journos right in front of him that they shouldn’t sit so close and yet look at the puppets right behind him?!?! Almost shoulder to shoulder. F ME!!! ??‍♂️

If anyone hasent noticed the two people behind him keep looking at his hairline LOL sorry but u can tell they are looking at the line of real to fake were does it start and end but about covid19 it's global population control

The coronavirus can cause respiratory failure and death in those most susceptible: those with chronic health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and lung disorders…. which is more than 60% of the population thanks to the unregulated pollution in the USA, pollution by by corporations set free to pollute and sicken the population of the USA in order to MAXIMIZE PROFIT. Long after Trump is gone we will see the sickening effects of Trump's deregulations.

South korea has very smart idea's that can save our country !!!!! Let's not be to proud to ask for help from our friend south korea !!!! Let's do eveything we can do to save america !!!! South korea is the most smart important country that we should learn and adopt from !!!!
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NO…TRUMP. You're lack of urgent response, lack of masks, gloves, respirators, your refusal to test everyone, lack of test kits, no fever quarantine and proper treatment centers set up in advance to send the sick to instead of staying at home nor having home health care set up in place….., you've forced us by refusal of being tested and treated…. where we/they'll infect their own family members too, refusal of urgent, critical and proper medical treatment, your bs lack of emergency preparedness, our governors lack of preparedness, our essentially being left to become infected stay home, spread this disease virus and forcing us to stsy home without proper organized. Coordinated and controlled treatment, left to essentially infect our own families and essentially left to die at home, your not increasing hospital help with our National Guard Medics, our Military Medics, your allowing thousands of untested, unmonitored, ppl back into the U.S. early on from China and other countries not being quarantined at least 45 days prior to being allowed back into the U.S., only to infect and spread this deadly virus….your failure to close borders, flights, entry from China, Korea, Taiwan etc….early on in December of 2019, your giving China our 17.4 TONS OF MASKS, GLOVES, RESPIRATORS AND SUPPLY OUR U.S. EMERGENCY STOCK PILE….INSTEAD OF ENSURING OUR PREPAREDNESS BY KERPING IT HOME HERE IN THE U.S. IS YOUR FAULT, your refusal to order urgent mass production of testing kits, medical supplies and equipment and treatment medications, plasma blood, IV fluid medications all YOUR REFUSAL OF URGENT EXPIDITED MASS PRODUCTION, your failure to order a reimbursement of all business medical leave compensation and temporary disaster relief funding reimbursement packages for losses during forced closures and not setting it up for employees as a medical leave may off disaster relief for both employees and businesses, your allowing INFECTED TRAVELERS TO RE-ENTER, ALL OF THIS NOT TO MENTION YOUR DOWN PLAYING THIS CRITICAL URGENT COMPLETELY KNOWN AND FORE SEEN 4 MONTHS AGO….IS ALL YOUR FAILT TRUMP, not to mention your failure to split all mass production equally among all 50 states ongoing and continuously from Devember 1st, 2019 to present…., ,your failure as of Decrmber 1st. 2019 to get our top medical scientists on this virus to get an expidited treatment and vaccination in place 3 us months ago, your refusal to get our National Guard Medics and other personnel set up in every state, ALL OF IT IS YOUR AND THE CDC, THE WHO…., BUT IS PRIMARILY YOUR FAULT TRUMP. YOU HAVE FAILED THE U.S. CITIZENS AND OUR COUNTRY AS CHIEF AND COMMANDER IN CHARGE AND AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

So called WHO ORGANISATION Every time come and say some things do's and don'ts. You didn't give us something we need now . Why you didn't take all major action in the month of January . May be WHO you had a deep sleep in the month of January. Now you woke up and talking about economy,job losses,and all important issues.Thank God 10000 people died and you woke up .sorry for blaming you but it's my point of view. I believe if you taked major and serious action in the month of December or January than you could control this outbreak before it is going to be a pendemic. I believe USA will give a solution for all world to cure for Corona virus. Because USA recently start testing of covid 19 vaccine.

God help us !!!!!!!!…….our president will soon run out of people to blame.!!!!!!!!!! WHO repeatedly says testing testing testing is the only way to control the spread…. yet we still do not have kits or much needed medical supplies. At this point I mo longer trust him or believe in his judgement.

If a person with Coronavirus can be asymptomatic, not showing symptoms, why would we not want everyone to get tested…so that that person with coronavirus who isn't showing symptoms doesn't pass that it on?

Trump should have consulted his chief health official and CDC about the scientific truth about the origin and evolution of the virus before calling it Chinese virus, which is totally ungrounded, irresponsible and racial. He uses this term for his political propaganda. Trump has never mentioned a word about the help to the US provided by China or other Chinese organizations during this ongoing pandemic. I think he is a pure racism, although I still hope that US can get through this hard time smoothly and God bless America.

Chinese scientists published a scientific paper in 2007 alarming for the coronavírus in china and nothing was done about that… if the food habit doesn’t change in China, the Virus will back even stronger due mutations. It comes mainly from wild animals.

President Trump added $1.233 trillion in his first year, and is projected to add $1.225 trillion in the 2019 fiscal year. That puts him on a pace to add $9.832 trillion over 8 years. That would be more than President Obama even if the United States economy doesn’t experience any downturn.

Down play and lie to us for weeks, ignoring the virus as it spreads across the world. Now he has no choice but to admit its here and he wants to take all the credit for any progress but won't man up to the suffering millions of Americans across the nation are feeling is due to his ignorance, arrogance, and inaction. Completely delusional and incompetent.

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