Animation Reel 2020 – League of Legends – Christopher Hsing

2020 has been a crazy year so far! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these times!

Another three years have passed. I’ve continued to grow and learn as an animator and can still see the long, exciting path ahead. Here’s a sampling of the things I’ve worked on for the past 3 years since the last reel I compiled. I’ve been so fortunate to work on a multitude of projects that get me pumped to work every day, and collaborate with colleagues that inspire me every waking second. I hope this can video can act as a celebration of my evolution as well as the work of all the amazing artists I work with. Game development, as well as 3D animation, is a team effort (even if it’s just skins). Much of the work you see here, in terms of appeal, is carried by my teammates. I get to imbue a bit of my own into each one, but this is where whole thing is greater than the sum of the parts. Thanks for all your support! Never stop learning!

Music Credit:
Season 6 (2016 Season) – Theme by Riot Games


Reel Breakdown:

0:00 Psy Ops Zed Recall
0:14 Star Guaridan Ahri Idles
0:21 Star Guardian Ahri Recall
0:29 Star Guardian Zoe Recall
0:36 Battle Academia Ezreal Attacks, Crits, Spell4, Channel
0:44 Battle Academia Lux Homeguard Run
0:47 Battle Academia Lux Recall
0:51 Psy Ops Ezreal Recall
0:59 Psy Ops Pyke Recall
1:02 Lunar Eclipse Leona
1:07 Dawnbringer Soraka Idles
1:14 Dawnbringer Soraka Runs
1:21 Spirit Blossom Yasuo Recall
1:28 Papercraft Nunu & Willump
1:36 Dark Cosmic Jhin Idles
1:43 Dark Cosmic Jhin Runs
1:51 Mecha Kingdoms Jax Recall
1:58 Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger Joke
2:02 Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger Recall
2:06 Little Legends Craggle Joke
2:08 Little Legends Tockers Idle Variant
2:10 PROJECT Vayne Runs
2:13 God King Darius Taunt, Q Spell
2:19 Odyssey Kayn Q Spell, W Spell
2:21 Odyssey Kayn Assassin Transformation
2:24 Odyssey Kayn Dance
2:28 Dark Cosmic Jhin Dance
2:32 Dawnbringer Soraka Dance
2:36 Pajam Guardian Cosplay Urgot Recall
2:38 Mecha Kingdoms Jax Ult Transformation
2:39 Star Guardian Xayah Recall
2:40 Battle Academia Lux Ultimate Spell
2:41 Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar Recall

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