Barack Obama's blistering speech on Trump at 2020 DNC (FULL) | USA TODAY

Barack Obama takes the stage at the Democratic National Convention. RELATED: Michelle Obama gives speech at DNC 2020 …


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Obama… the worst President in the history of the United States! Terrible War-President, causing destruction, pain and death for hundreds of thousands! But always speaking soo soft and nice and well sounding words… Don't let deceive yourself from Evil!

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obama dod nothing but line his pockets in the office and now his arrogance sees he has no legacy if trump wins…the echoes he speaks of is trumps smashing win… not this bad prez

Us younger people need to make sure to get our friends and family members to go vote. I'm not trusting the mail, I've already made it known to everyone in my family, I will bring them to vote.

It’s mind boggling that a person would talk bad about Obama but praise the orange one. Do that person see that America has become the punchline of a funny joke to the rest of the world? Just speaking facts, at the least can this person see it’s no longer the United States but more like the divided states of America. Wake up America

Very well crafted speech about democracy but I can't believe anything a warmongerer says, a man who bragged about being good at killing people. You can toot your own horn about democracy all you want, but if you go out of your way to bomb people (ex Yemen)…you probably have very few principles as a human. Killing people is the ultimate crime..this guy wouldn't bat an eye to abuse a child or rape a woman

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It doesn’t matter whether we elect a Republican or a Democrat; under both of these administrations alike Americans have slowly lost the rights guaranteed to them in the Constitution.
The USA , has , in fact, been dropped from the World’s top twenty democracies.
Democracies do not have legal systems which allow their Intelligence Agencies to LEGALLY, indefinitely lock up their citizens without either charging them or bringing them to court. (Research Susan Lindauer. )
We have that in America.
I do not even address the illegal, pervasive and invasive surveillance of our citizenry. (Research Edward Snowden. ))
Nor do true democracies have Security Agencies which engage in the sex trafficking of women and children (even toddlers), which are trafficking guns, drugs, and organs, etc. , as does the CIA.
Nor do the democracies have torture programs for dissidents, and other “undesirables,“ as we do in America.
I shall support this last assertion using a recent example.

Do you recall the threat which the former National Security Adviser under President B. H. Obama made to Snoop

‘…Snoop, back the ** off. You come for @Gale King, you come against an army. You will lose, and it won’t be pretty. ‘

Ms. Rice was in the world’s face, speaking literally and not figuratively. 

The USA has well
over 800 (eight hundred) military bases.
Over FIVE HUNDRED of these bases are located OUTSIDE of the USA.
Everywhere these military bases are located, reports arise of 5G electromagnetic torture. 
From Japan to Thailand, from England to the USA, the precise same reports of 5G electromagnetic weaponry torture .

In case you are unaware that 5G electromagnetic weaponry exists, search under ADS (Active Denial System). You will find an ancient government video which shows a tank which shoots 5G electromagnetic radiation.
This video denies that handheld versions of this electromagnetic technology exists. 
Absolutely False!
Handheld 5G electromagnetic radiation weaponry has existed for, at least, three decades. 
There is even a miniature version small enough to fit into a man’s front trouser pocket and still leave room for his hand inside the same pocket. 
The power and range of this miniature gun can cause  heart arrhythmia in the Target, and , consequently,  death is a possibility. 

To go forward, I must now go back a bit. 

Some of you may recall the disinformation apology of President Bill Clinton for the CIA/DoD developed Project MK-Ultra. (It is on YouTube. )

In his apology, President Clinton greatly diminished the level of the human rights abuses,  as well as the intensity and horror, of the torture. Nor did he mention that routine killing of the victims, once they were deemed to be unnecessary, was “normal. “

Additionally, Clinton failed to mention that these CIA/DoD developed projects were heavily reliant upon SRA (satanic ritual abuse) to achieve their trauma based mind control objective.
(See the YouTube channel of Fiona Barnett, an SRA survivor, who was sexually farmed out to President Nixon and the Rev. Billy Graham as a child. She now receives a pitance in compensation from the Australian government.
(NATO aligned Intelligence Services co- operate in these CIA/DoD projects. ))

Clinton also neglected to mention that the sexual exploitation and trafficking of women and children is another integral part of these trauma based mind control projects. 
(See the book,” The Trance Formation of America,” by Cathy O’Brian. 
Ms. O’Brian is an MK-Ultra survivor (as is her child who was also sexually trafficked). )

President Clinton solemnly promised that Project MK-Ultra would be terminated.
He lied. 
Instead, Project MK Ultra was, in fact, RENAMED and EXPANDED. 
One offshoot of this renaming and expansion is the Targeted Individuals Program. 
(For more information on Project MK-Ultra research,  see “The Black Vault. “ 

Ms. S. Rice was, therefore, in front of the world, in plain sight, threatening ‪Snoop Dogg‬ with being placed in this Targeted Individuals Program.

A few of the elements of the Targeted Individuals Program are:
 1.  Being gunned, 24/7, with the handheld version of 5G electromagnetic torture guns.
2.  Being used as a human laboratory test animal for biological and chemical weaponry 
3. Being bombarded with high frequencies which destroys the hearing and damages the brain 
4. Having  none stop subliminal messages pumped into one’s living quarters.
5. Being none stop subjected to extreme psychological and emotional trauma (in addition to receiving long distance shocks and electromagnetic gunning)
6. Having your pets (and sometimes loved ones killed)
7. Being asset stripped ( not just your money and jewelry, but everything, job, reputation, clothing, photographs, personal telephone books, e- mail accounts, e-mail contacts, identification,University documentation ..EVERY-THING)
8. During the constant home invasions, your food and water is contaminated to facilitate the shocks, and EM torture which they administer. (The contaminant is probably lithium which is odorless and tasteless, and is an excellent conductor of electricity.( The USA’s two decades long war in Afghanistan is not because of terrorism , but rather to obtain their lithium and other minerals.
9. Having your body contaminated with worms which were meant to feed on dead bodies, but which have been genetically modified by the Intelligence scientists to feed on those still alive. (See photos on Youtube of two Chinese doctors who helped to expose the Covid 19 virus and, as a result, were punished with being infested with these worms by Chinese Intelligence. The telltale sign of this infestation is the blackened facial skin. These two Chinese doctors now appear to be be two Black men. )
10. Being chipped like an animal. (If a Targeted Individual, or whistleblower, reads this comment and is aware of why miniature drones, the size of bees, are sometimes used to hover over Targeted Individuals, despite our chipping please contact me.)
11. Being subjected to V2K … 24/7.
12. Being gangstalked
If you wish to research gangstalking  and Targeted Individuals on YouTube,  please note that the CIA/DoD have taken the precaution of scrubbing most pertinent videos and   placing VICE and other disinformation videos in amongst those of the few remaining real videos produced by Targeted Individuals.

For the daily life of a victim,  there is the video of Myron May. 
May was painted by the CIA/DoD, and, consequently, the media as insane. Nonetheless , his video shows us something quite different.
Watch his video. 
(It must, also be noted that the CIA/DoD habitually and deliberately insert elements into the Targeted Individuals Program which actually mimic a psychosis. 
Adding these elements  guarantees that the Target will NOT be believed. )

I have enumerated only a FEW of the components which form the  Targeted Individuals Program.
Is it , then, any wonder that when Snoop got wind of what was in store for him, he donned  that  red, white, and blue flag scarf on his head, and most humbly apologized.

In any event, it gets worse.
Many of you may be acquainted with the book, “A Brief History of Time,’ by the brilliant, English physicist, Mr. S. Hawking. 

Due to a tracheotomy, Hawking became unable to speak. ALS, then, rendered him unable to move under his own volition. 
Unwilling to loose this unparalleled mind, British Intelligence outfitted Hawking with a  CIA/DoD  developed micro chip.

According to Dr. Katherine Horton, (stop 007. com) when one thinks, unbeknownst to the thinker, the vocal cords vibrate. When an AI chip is placed in the area of the vocal cords, this chip is able to pick up any vibration from these vocal cords and decode the messages from the brain’s language center.
Hawking also received a computer which could speak for him after the decoding had been accomplished.

(It is highly doubtful that British Intelligence would have outfitted Hawking with this top secret equipment had  he not worked for them! There are also photos of Hawking on J. Epstein’s infamous pedo island.
Epstein worked with British,Israeli and U. S. Intelligence Agencies.
(Look up Travis Bonifield and Stephen Moore to hear the Intelligence cover stories. )

In one of his video conferences, Edward Snowden made reference to  the above mentioned AI chip; the difference being that Snowden referred to computer printouts  of the AI translation rather than a

Unfortunately, the CIA/DoD also developed another version of this technology. 
In the second version,  not only does the chip tap into the Subject’s vocal cords and, hence, brain language center, it also inserts thoughts.

 Have you ever wondered why the Swiss have almost as many guns per citizen as the USA, but lack the mass killers?
When Rice said Snoop would lose, and it wouldn’t be pretty, you can see she was not exaggerating. 

Once  one is in the program, it is for life!

My name is Gloria Hunt. 
I am a whistleblower and a Targeted Individual. 
I live in C. S. , N. C.

Please check and verify everything which I have written in this comment. 
Then PLEASE HELP TARGETED INDIVIDUALS by spreading the word. 
Only a public outcry will stop the torture, the experimentation, and the pp
Thank you.

I find BO’s opening comments completely unethical for a past president to do what he just did. He should have just focused on Biden’s policies, and what Biden wants to do for the nation. He should be ashamed of himself. SMH!

Wow! What a straight out lier.
If that is the policy of the Dems then they are over. Only mocking Trump as being anything but a president, while even his worst critics can’t deny he has done a lot. You can agree upon his politics or disagree, but show some respect. This is just low. Real low.

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