President Trump holds coronavirus press briefing – August 4 | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump said his administration has done an “incredible” job handling the coronavirus pandemic, and despite rising deaths, the outbreak is …


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Trump Corona Virus-COVID 19

Have you ever wondered why trump never wears a mask? Perhaps it is because he is inoculated against the disease.

Researching a cure for scabies online, I came across a drug called Ivermectin. According to some of the posts the drug not only cures corona virus but inoculates against it. Apparently there had been a total of 160 test cases in Australia and China and the success rate was 99.8%. I think that this drug warrants investigation by qualified experts.

Now I am not an immunologist or specialist in the field of infectious disease, but I think that it is curious that trump and his inner circle don't wear masks. Trump may be a complete idiot and supremely arrogant narcissist, but he is also a coward, so I very strongly doubt he would shun masks unless he is protected.

Without a mask, trump looks like a supremely confident and almost god-like wandeings around immune to the petty concerns of us mere mortals, but thePOTUS who was installed in power by the deep state is a POS..

Well done Trump…you'll go down as the most idiotic and embarrassing president of the United States of America. Does this moron never ever stop taking credit for everything other people do, or when shit hits the fan he just blames everyone else and doesn't take any responsibility. Orange moron.???

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Wauw! I have to admit, Trump is a excellent salesman, selling numbers like that, and even convincing people it is a good thing. Does he even know how to read a chart?

If Trump was a Jehova, i would have not been able to slam the door.

I'm from South Africa and have been watching and following every move that Trump makes, I'm not saying his good in everything he does but you're very very lucky to have a presedent that's rooting and fighting for your country to make the lives of the American people better. Isn't that what life is all about, having the best life that you possibly can???? ( People really do forget what life is actually all about( Forget about all the other things, it's your life and make it count. You can criticize him all you want but the problem with this type off thing is that a view years down the line you'll start remembering what you had in someone that was willing to help improve the lives of American people. Believe me we've been through it all. ?
Vote for the person that you think would improve your life and not the lives of others. Remember They're not living your life, you should get the best out of it not someone else.

Make sure your country stays strong, not the rest of the world. You're not living in the rest of the world remember….

And with this Covid 19, yes it is bad that so many people have died but really there is much bigger things to worry about. Work through it, it's bound to happen and no one can stop it, not even the best government in the world.

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