AGSC Webinar Series 2020 – -APRA In Conversation with Games Composer Kevin Penkin

The At Home Sessions – a special on-line event!

In Conversation with Games Composer Kevin Penkin, proudly presented by the AGSC and APRA AMCOS.

Best known for the anime series Made in Abyss and the BAFTA-winning Florence game soundtrack, screen and video game composer Kevin Penkin in conversation with Meena Shamaly in this special edition of the At Home Sessions. Kevin is speaking about his stellar career in the games field of composing, and tips on how to make a move into the booming gaming sector, with questions from the audience in the second half of the webinar.

Kevin Penkin, based in Melbourne, is a BAFTA-nominated composer for Japanese animation and video games. He is best known for composing the award-winning score to Made in Abyss, and the music to the BAFTA award-winning game Florence.

Kevin moved to London in 2013 to complete a Masters degree in Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music. During this time, Kevin collaborated with legendary video game composer Nobuo Uematsu on a number of Japanese video game titles, which eventually led him to break into the Anime industry.

After releasing his breakthrough score for Made in Abyss, Penkin continued to compose music for Japanese animation, with scores for both The Rising of the Shield Hero and Tower of God.

Throughout his career, Penkin has recorded with orchestras around the world. Works of his have been recorded in Prague, Vienna, Macedonia, Boston, Nashville and Australia. He has also collaborated with acclaimed singers Takeshi Saito, Emi Evans and Raj Ramayya.

Projects that Kevin has composed for that will be released in 2020 are Dawn of the Deep Soul, Tower of God and the Netflix Animation EDEN.

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