Coronavirus Task Force discusses the latest developments in COVID-19 outbreak | USA TODAY

The Coronavirus Task Force discusses the latest developments as the U.S. death toll reaches 114. RELATED: The importance of social distancing …


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Pandemics prove that the wage system is wrong because it’s a temporary income! Obviously all people should own all things worldwide and that will end world poverty! Natural disasters also prove that wage slavery is wrong!

OUR REALITY IS. WE desperately need HOSPITAL SUPPLIES. We desperately need HOSPITAL WORKERS We need ACCESSIBLE TEST KITS for the public. We need FACE MASKS for the public We need a REAL WORKING VACCINE for the Virus. We need to protect our doctors, nurses and first responders. Let's wake up TRUMPORONA. !!!

guys you gotta act RIGHT NOW. stop leaving the house for anything other than the most important stuff. I'm in Germany way out countryside this corona is is every town around us. This is that time where thinking "Its not gonna get ME anyway" is completely out of the picture, nobody knows who is infected including yourself. It wont stop spreading if people don't stay inside. The numbers in USA are gonna explode this weekend. Its a guaranteed. Doesnt matter how old you are, how healthy you are !

China is developing biochemical warfare weapon in China Wuhan P4 lab. China also wrongfully accused this Wuhan/Chinese coronavirus was spread by USA military. China wants to attack countries of the world with this Wuhan/Chinese coronavirus and China diplomats accused USA for spreading this Chinese coronavirus. President Trump has the rights to defense USA and correctly states this Wuhan coronavirus was originated from China Wuhan. There is no racial discrimination against China. Only China used this Chinese coronavirus randomly attacked people in the world without choice just like the China police attacked the Hong Kong people in all the Hong Kong police brutality. All infected countries should file damages to the United Nations Crime Court against China for their damages. So many Americans still do not know the fact of this Chinese coronavirus and where does it came from.

?Here is a new treatment South Korea is using that has successful results on coronavirus patients.
They are given 500mg. Chloroquine in conjunction with zinc once a day. It has reduce the death rate drastically versus countries not using this Treatment. God Bless America and President Trumps success with stamping out coronavirus. Shame on fake news people criticizing everything the president is trying to do. Knock it off.

It’s so annoying that these reporters waste the Q&A time to talk about correct/incorrect terminology. Ask the important questions like: when is the estimated time people will get checks they need? What is the criteria required to get a check? should air travel be suspended? What has the preliminary data shown on test subjects of the vaccine? When will the regular people be able to get tested? Ridiculous!

Us Tax Paying Workers here in the United States & From the United States That's not Working because of what going on, I think WE Should ALL receive a $5000 check, That's what I think is Fair until we all go back to work & move on .

Someone tell Orange Mongo that the US has already climbed the infamous “coronavirus ladder” to 6th place in just 6 days. The virus spreads at incredible speed being a tiny 80nM molecular lever organism that survives for hours on any surface exposed to the public. Many infected people just feel a mild flu or simply a cold or nothing at all…but spread it around anywhere they go. This way the virus quickly and silently lurks everywhere…then suddenly your mother or your grandpa (4 days average incubation) develops high fever and coughs in a matter of 40-50 minutes (usually in the afternoon) and by the next day has severe breathing problems and needs to be hooked to the machines in a hospital or die.
I live in Lombardia, ITALY, and this is no joke…. the Army is starting to haul away the dead in truckloads because there is no more space in the morgues:

Probably in that same press room there are people spreading and/or picking up the virus, measuring body temperature is of no use with the “zero symptom” infested ones.

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