MTV VMAs 2020: Watch The Weeknd, BTS, Lady Gaga performances | USA TODAY Entertainment

Lady Gaga was the big winner at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, taking home five awards. Other highlights included The Weeknd and BTS. » Subscribe to …


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thats a cool mask, I watch to see who is wearing the coolest masks in town but I think nancy has it down packed on the mask neck wear lol. thats why we get covid19 because we are NOT wearing MASKS around our NECKS? lol just joking people wear it right.

How come Joe Biden’S hit single “Hairy Legs” didn’t win anything? I thought these kids love his hairy legs that turn white in the sun and like to sit in his lap? Maybe a reunion with CORNPOP and Joe? Maybe Kamala award ceremony where all the folks wrongfully convicted on her attorneys falsified testimony and evidence come together to support her

DeBlasio, thought you had a 14 day quarantine in place for people visiting from certain States in the US? Oh yea, your made up laws are only levied on certain US citizens. I guess the virus is selective on who it chooses to infect. What a f’ing hypocrite and fake. Glad your city has failed. It’s not coming back due to YOU and your comrade Cuomo. ???

Oh, for the ol’ days of clothed performers and decent music, instead of gyrating bikinis and girls dressed as boys ( BTS ). Well at least we didn’t have to see Taylor Swifts legs all night.

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