Volcano lightning seen after eruption in the Philippines | USA TODAY

A volcano erupts in the Philippines causing rare lightning. RELATED: Rescuers race to save Australia’s wildlife One of the …


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Taal isnt only a very unique volcano in the world, due to its a 'Volcanic Lake, with a Volcanic Island in it, with a Volcanic Lake, with a Volcanic Island in it', The entire lake itself is the 'Caldera' of the entire volcano: Much larger then the 311M of its Original 'elevation above sea level' would make you think. This thing isnt only húge, its also a very 'dirty' volcano, placed in a much more unfortunate spot(due to windstreams) then the Pinatubo, for instance. Taal is known to erupt much higher concentrations of sulphuric particles then the average eruption, which makes this particular volcano, not only dangerous for being in such a highly residential area, its longer-term continental, and global effects could be disastrous, would it could to a stronger eruption! Lets all hope the Taal will give 1 small and violent belch now, and 'go to sleep again'. This monster has the power to erupt as strong as Pinatubo did! But this one is far more catastrophic!!

Украина с вами. Земляне,объединяемся. Мир в душе, сердечные чистые энергии,любовь к нашей планете Земля и ко всему живому,-наш путь. Иначе планета скинет нас всех с себя,как слепых котят…Нам всем достаточно. Уже всем понятно.

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