WW3: China vs USA Tensions Escalate (1/9/2020) – US Military News Update

WW3 News Update Today – LIVE NOW: LIVE 24/7 Rare Video !! ( Worst Nightmare for America’s Enemies!


34 replies on “WW3: China vs USA Tensions Escalate (1/9/2020) – US Military News Update”

That's real smart USA. Threating a country 5 times larger with a bigger military and industrial estate then yourselves. And that the entire US relying on Chinese rare earth mineral materials to refine your own oil to turn it into fuel. Including every object needed that makes your missile defence systems electric battery systems electronics device including phone and computers.. attack China you dumb arse and you'll see your country turn back to the 1800s real fast before you even see the end of the war

China started WW3 china is claiming the scarbough shoal of the philippines and the philippines has no choice to get help on USA and now that the china knows that the philippines has an alliance with the usa they also brought some help from Russia and now is a big deal to the USA the USA and Philippines are still holding the scarbough shoal and defending it till the last of their breath i pray for USA and Philippines for their bravery to defend the sea and i curse china and russia may you never exist in this world

Nahhh I'll just wait giant wave pool thingy too expensive … nature does this for free… We could seed the clouds and artificially create a never ending hurricane ….don't fuck with a genius China. …. very dangerous

The reason why the USA would loose a lot of troops is because they would be fighting 2 high armies along with several smaller countries. This is to much to handle unless they destroy a lit of the larger armies and several smaller armies, the strikes have to be precise

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