Breaking News (Oct 1, 2020) – U.S. Hitting Back against Chinese Over South China Sea and Taiwan

The United States is pushing back against stepped-up Chinese military activities near Taiwan and in the South China Sea as a means of deterring a conflict with …


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since all countries from USA and the west allow PCR warships to sail along west and east coastal area of USA and the nations from the west , why not allow warships sailing along China coastal area!!! fair enough

Taiwan will reduce to dust so better do a timely surrender n never rely on the US as the US has no defence capacity to confront the rabidly world dominating super power china .still china is giving options to Taiwan to escape from its doomsday

It's no coincidence China's aggressive expansionism is growing proportionate to its military, economic and technological growth. Successive political leaders of western nations have been sitting on their hands for years knowing full well the extent of aggressive cyber espionage China has been engaging in, stealing whatever they can get their hands on and attempting to influence political players in our western governments. The fact that our governments have allowed our economies to be become so heavily dependant on trade with China and thus keeping the economic 'peace' with China being the obvious concerns of our politicians. But now we are seeing the fruits of this apathy, passed on as it has been like a batten through successive governments over the years, all the while feeding and fattening China's economy and confidence, increasingly shaping itself as a future world power. Perhaps the only thing stopping China from striking is time; meanwhile the COVID pandemic they unleashed, conveniently playing to their advantage as it ravages western nations, cripples their economies and ferments mass unemployment, social infrastructure breakdown and ultimately chaos. This is in effect a weapon of mass destruction no mistake, but it is slowly eating away in our countries like a cancer. China will not back down now, and it is up to western allies to either strike first or force China's hand, a hand that it will otherwise inevitably play anyway. Better sooner rather than later so they are not as prepared as they would obviously like to be.

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America stop telling the entire world what to do FFS Iraq,Iran,Russia,North Korea,China,Turkey(you sanctioned your own ally over a purchase of SAM's from your enemy,why'd you do that btw?).Everything's gotta be the way the US politicians like it.The entire world hates your guts.

8 failed years of Obama destroying America and letting China do what they want Hillary selling our uradium to Russia and both reducing our military and giving Iran billions of dollars in which was turned aganist us.

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