Protesters nationwide raise their voices after George Floyd's death | USA TODAY

Correction: Ft. Myers, Fla. is misspelled in this video. Americans gathered by the thousands after the death of George Floyd to march and demand reform around …


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I think the United States is foolishly helping the Communists stay in the United States, making the United States not peaceful. Communists do not thank the United States for letting them stay and live. Finally, the Communists used black people to destroy and betray the United States to help the Chinese government retaliate against the United States. Most protesters came from communist countries and caused damage to the United States. Communist parents teach their children to only care about their own cultural country, but not to other cultural countries.我認為美國在愚蠢地幫助共產黨人留在美國,使美國不和平。共產黨人不感謝美國讓他們留下來生活。最後,共產黨人利用黑人摧毀並背叛了美國,以幫助中國政府對美國進行報復。大多數抗議者來自共產主義國家,對美國造成了破壞。共產主義父母教他們的孩子只關心自己的文化國家,而不關心其他文化國家。我在一個民主國家長大。民主國家教會我們關心所有國家的文化。我知道共產主義國家只教人們關心自己的文化國家.Black people are racists because they only care about their own culture, they don't care about another culture, and they don't respect another culture. If many blacks killed many blacks in Chicago, why didn't they protest against blacks? If the store didn’t call the police to ask for fake money, I don’t think Grooge Floyd was dead and no four policemen were in jail. Do you think the police want to go to jail? Awaken the brainwashed. If a black man killed a person, do you mean that all black people are killing people? Only black people will do unethical behavior to destroy, crack down and steal public goods. Greoge Floyd owns the virus and has multiple criminal records. God punished him for doing bad things for rape of black pregnant women. Stupid and idiot protesters. When do all protesters go to Africa to protest their new life? I hate that they burn down, destroy, steal and yell every city. Black people did not follow American law to do anything. Black people are evil protesters.黑人是種族主義者,因為他們只在乎自己的文化,不在乎另一種文化,也不尊重另一種文化。如果許多黑人在芝加哥殺死了許多黑人,他們為什麼不抗議黑人?如果商店沒有打電話給警察索要假錢,我不認為格羅吉·弗洛伊德(Grooge Floyd)已死,也沒有四名警察入獄。您認為警察想入獄嗎?喚醒被洗腦的人。如果一個黑人殺了一個人,您是說所有黑人都在殺人嗎?只有黑人會做出不道德的行為來破壞,打擊和竊取公共物品。 Greoge Floyd擁有該病毒,並有多個犯罪記錄。上帝懲罰他為強姦黑人孕婦做壞事。愚蠢和白痴的抗議者。所有抗議者什麼時候去非洲抗議他們的新生活?我討厭他們燒毀,摧毀,偷竊和大喊大叫每個城市。黑人沒有遵循美國法律做任何事情。黑人是邪惡的抗議者。You are

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Martin Luther King Jr. said …. "I have a dream that my children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character"…..on the other hand, George Floyd was judged…and converted overnight from a criminal ( ex convict high on drugs, using falsified money who served time for several crimes including robbing at gunpoint an innocent pregnant black woman in her own home) and he was converted overnight to a national hero by BLM just because of the color of his skin and not by the putrid content of his character. THAT IS THE RACISM MLK WAS TALKING ABOUT AND FIGHTING AGAINST.
To BLM and all the followers and supporters regardless of their race…you are the real racists , thugs, criminals and fascists using skin color and not content of character to serve your racist purpuses and MLK jr would be ashamed of what his dream have become.

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