RNC 2020: Night two features Melania Trump, Mike Pompeo | USA TODAY

The second night of the Republican National Convention has the theme of “Land of Opportunity.” Speakers for the second night of the convention include: First …


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If holding Donald's hand for a photo moment earns Melania between twenty five and fifty five thousand dollar, i wonder how much genius Emperor Donald is paying Melania for her performance.

Trump as an independent candidate has taken the power away from the globalist, monopoly capitalist and international bankers and given it back to Americans and the Democrats are not just the democrats, they are the last hope of this shadow power getting the power back. Shadow government have funded both parties for a long time. Trump has upset all of that and they will burn America to the ground if needed to get the power back and the irony here is they have the liberals who hate globalization and everything they stand for doing their dirty work for them

@ Jazz man : All facts are false !!! Starting from the fact that the percentage of deaths in a million is counted in the world! In the United States – 324 million and 340 million, if you count illegal immigrants.
The President was not impeached – it was just a crazy dream of the Democrats. The unemployment rate – the "writer" has forgotten (something with brains :-)) about the pandemic, about the blocking by the Democrats of opening enterprises, etc.
And so is every fact! There is only lies and malice!
I wonder how much the trolls are being paid now.

The Trumps are temporary tenants of the white house. Eric trump said they want to tear down our statues and monuments . Well first lady Melania Trump destroyed the 107 year old rose garden that was planted by very good and famous presidential families that stated in 1913. Melania destroyed a national treasure !!!!! The gull of these people is enraging – they only have been living in the white house for 3 1/2 years. Talk about bad tenants !

I will say it again !!! What republican convention !!! It really is just a bigger budget Trump supporter rally. Trump only speaking to his base ! Nepotism is again rampant and Trump's kids are the main speakers !!! So many liars and bullshit experts trying to con and fear monger and DECEIVE the country's people. Who is hell believes anything Trump and his family say anymore ! America ! Do not be conned in voting for Traitor Trump – first Tyrannical Dictator of America in the white house. Trump uses underhand tactics , ploys , dirty tricks , all the same tactics as in the 2016 election. Same old same old rhetoric of scaring people to vote for Traitor Trump. Are Americans so gullible and stupid !! ?? !! Wake up America ! Vote trump and all his enabling republicans out of power and save America !!!!!!

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