Language Translator Device with Smart Voice, Real Time Instant Hotspot WiFi Offline Translation, 2.4 Inch Touch Screen, Support 137 Languages for Learning Shopping Traveling (Blue)

>Instant offline translator
Price: $79.88
(as of Jun 19,2021 14:50:18 UTC – Details)


>>>Real time portable smart voice translator. Support 137 Language Mutual translation,The translator responds with 99% accuracy.

>>>Instant offline translator can implemented without a network,dual microphone design, collecting sound without dead angle, more accurate translation.

>>>Instant voice &photo translator with 2.4-inch high-definition color screen, fast focus, no difficulties to understand the signs and menus, travel essentials.

>>>The electronic language translator with high-definition recording, independent noise reduction microphone, and can accurately enter language in noisy environment.

>>>Accurate two way language translator with recording translation function, you can check your friends†messages when you are at leisure.

>>>32G large capacity, the background is updated from time to time, can support offline translation after downloading.

>>>Support 137 languages,Chinese, English, Cantonese, English, American, Australian, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish German, French, Italian,Azeri, Arabic, Amharic (Ethiopia), Bulgarian, Polish, Icelandic, Basque (Spain), Persian (Iran), Danish (Denmark), German, Russian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Georgian, Khmer (Cambodia), Gujarati (India), Korean, Dutch, Catalan (Spain), Czech, Galician (Spain), Kannada (India), Croatian, Laotian, Romanian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Bengali, Malay (Malaysia) , Norwegian, Nepali, Afrikaans (South African), Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Swahili, Slovenian, Slovak, Serbian, Sinhalese (Sri Lanka), Turkish etc.

[INSTANT VOICE TRANSLATION]- -Support 137 Languages Mutual translation,The translator responds with 99% accuracy. Support Chinese, English, Cantonese, English, American, Australian, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish and more.
[2-WAY TRANSLATOR]- -It can be used to communicate face to face or take photo, and solve communication obstacles. Giving you the most suitable translation results in real time, fast response in seconds. 1500mAh large capacity polymer battery, support working time for up to 6 hours and standby time for up to 4 days.
[REAL TIME VOICE AND TEXT TRANSLATION]- -Intelligent voice recognition technology to make cross language communication easier. Translate your speech into high quality foreign language text and transmit into voice output. Support text to text translation.
[PHOTO & RECORDING TRANSLATION]- -The translation function can be realized by taking pictures with 2.4inch touch screen. Recording function that can help you record every important meeting. Audio recordings in Chinese, English and Cantonese can be translated into137 various languages of your choice.
[HIGH RECOGNITION ABILITY]- -The speaker voice of this translator device is loud and clear,and the mic is able to recognize your voice in noisy environments. If a sentence is too long at one time, the reaction will be a little bit slow, but as you use it more and more, it will be faster and more accurate.

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