President Trump presents Medal of Honor to Sergeant Major Thomas Payne | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump presents the Medal of Honor to Sergeant Major Thomas Payne of the United States Army. RELATED: Armed demonstrations in …


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It's a bummer knowing how not everyone trusts being displayed online when they acquire medals but instead have someone else partake in the ceremony for them even though they did all of the work and it's also a let down knowing how some individuals did way more than some people who acquire medals but yet their achievement isn't commonly known and instead a more minor achievement is although it's still good.

Proud to see a well deserving Sergeant Major Thomas Payne being awarded this medal- Too bad the coward awarding it to him didn't do this sooner, but instead chose to do this after being advised that he needed to make up for his comments about Veterans and Fallen Soldiers were suckers and losers. I think trump's voice would sound better if it was coming from a barrel under a pier in New Jersey Harbor. 35 min video, and 3 mins are valid-

Useless pile of waste never even shook his hand after awarding the medal, nor did he salute him, nor did he do anything other than nod and pat him on a shoulder. That is not the catcher for your favorite baseball team- THAT IS A TRUE SOLDIER AND PATRIOT- One with courage and conviction, and a TRUE love for his country and countrymen.Then trump looks out to the crowd to gloat and clap in self praise. Pathetic, disgusting reach for votes.

#1 24:00 an ATTACK by your own shiteating government = an inside job, so stop with the 9/11 BS punks and wake up and stop preaching lies. #2 Even Hitler awarded medals to troops invading Poland during wrongful and illegal war. I suppose someone illegally invading a neighbor during a robbery, which is what all U.S. wars are like, the thugs should get medals when they get injured by people defending themselves!

Just understand that army teams are how it done did 30 + army contractor + 10 every soldier is on that team if they do their job a least than 1% 0f 10% may need a little help. That’s that army way + the wife. Dad WWII 4 B S cousin with s S V etc.

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