Republican National Convention 2020 begins today (LIVE) | USA TODAY

The Republican National Convention begins in Charlotte. The events in Charlotte will focus on the re-nomination of President Trump and Vice President Pence.


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We shouldn't be surprised that Trump and friends brought back THE RED SCARE this week mentioning Communism and Socialism throughout the Convention. Afterall Roy Cohn, Joseph McCarthy's right hand man, was Trump's long time mentor for many years (if you're curious look it up). It's a classic scare tactic and makes perfect sense he would beat that same old drum, but it didn't work then and it won't work now. The American people are smarter than that. I met Donald Trump in the early 90's and he was by far the rudest human being I have ever met. I'm a good hearted person, you can look me up ( What you are seeing and falling for is a persona, the man is an actor after all and a good one. He really knows how to turn on the charm when he wants something, and that's your vote. If you want to know the real man, read his niece's book, or read the quotes from his own sister Maryanne who describes her brother as a "cruel" man and said "He has no principles. None. None." Next week a new book is coming out called MELANIA AND ME where the first lady will tell us exactly what she really thinks about her husband. She was secretly taped. I'm certain it won't be good. Stay safe everybody.

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China didn’t attack the US. They attacked trump. They knew he was so desperate for a trade deal that he would cover up the virus for fear of the deal would fall through. They played him and 177,000 Americans dead, the economy tanked and trillions flushed down the toilet.
Notice they didn’t try this shit with a strong leader like Obama in office

Just a note to you tRump lovers who are visiting the RNC from out of town: Are you staying at his hotel around the corner? You realize that he jacked up his rates for you by over 200-500%? He's so great but he's stealing from his own people! What a maroon!

Is the Republican Party going to give Trump his favourite "Golden showers" like Cohen said he had from prostitutes in Las Vegas and his bf Putin arranged for him in Moscow according to ex-MI6 career agent Christopher Steele ?

BLM and Antifa comprise the militant arm of the Democratic party burning down the country, it's well known BLM is a major cash cow for the Democrats

If Biden were to be elected, whoever his handler is will guide him back to his basement and then the communist squad of AOC and like will be running the show
They'll all do what the mayor of Chicago did and retain law enforcement for their own personal protection while everyone else feeds for themselves, a real life purge courtesy of the Democratic party

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