2020 Democratic debate: highlights from Houston, Texas | USA TODAY

The ten Democratic front-runners faced off in Houston, Texas for the third DNC debate. RELATED: John Bolton out of the White House …


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As an American, I can say that this country has no future anymore. Were screwed. Both democrats and republicans want to destroy the American people. Can’t believe Americans are too blind to see this.

Dear Editor,
I just got an email from Jaime Harrison <> telling me of his desire to unseat South Carolina's Senator Lindsey Graham (R). For what ever reason, since the death of Senator McCain, Graham has become a sage of sanity in giving our government back to the people. It is obvious to me that any vote for a Democrat Senator or Congressman is a vote for more radical socialist/ communist mentality in the direction of this country. We only have to look at Cuba or Veneszuala to see where that will take us.

Joe Biden is suffering from the beginning stages of dementia or alzheimers disease. He should bow out in respect to the American people. Because a President like that could and probably would be disastrous by far!! Can America have a President that cannot keep his mental state of mind???? Seriously????

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