Bernie Sanders wins the 2020 New Hampshire primary | USA TODAY

Sanders beats Buttigieg to win the New Hampshire primary. Yang and Bennet exit the 2020 presidential race. » Subscribe to USA TODAY: …


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Why did you cut out the footage where Bernie was overtaken by some lunatic vegan off the mic? Seriously his own supporters do not respect him and it's all the more glorious to my ears! Hahaha

I like Bernie as a person, voted for him last time around but his policies aka communism scare the shit out of me now that I’ve had years to research more. He’s moved even farther left than he originally was and being he can’t really explain anything I feel very uncomfortable upending our entire economy and country towards communism. Because that’s what he’s going to do people… “bread lines are a good thing”

The lives of two more people were lost●
Their mothers will never see them anymore●
Their daughters were deprived of their father's compassion●
Strive to restore peace by leaving your ego for God●
We Need Peace
In Afghanistan in Pakistan in Kashmir in America in syria in Somalia in journalism in iraq
But if all goes well with peace who will be Losers ???
i think weapons makers
i think Devil
My greetings to those who love humanity
I am the servant of
Prophet Muhammad
(Peace be upon him)
I am the servant of
Prophet Jesus
(Peace be upon him)
I am the servant of
Prophet Moses
(Peace be upon him)
My Message is
love and peace for you
I Dislike Hitler minded Modi
(Indian prime minister)
He Want War
Mr Modi Follow the resolution approved by United Nation
From Pakistan


“As a stupid FORMER DEMOCRAT (and now REGISTERED INDEPENDENT) for 2 decades, I know that ALL left in that shitty party has been brainwashed by Globalist MainstreamMedia & idiots who don’t know ECONOMICS 101 & NOT using their COMMON SENSE”.

Have a great day to y’all…

The myth that is being spoon fed to the masses by the fake news media is the Comrade Sanders won in NH – he didn't
Imagine a baseball game. The home team has 9 hits, 8 singles and a home run – one in each inning. That has achieved a total of 12 bases achieved, but only score one run. The visiting team gets just one hit – a 5th inning solo home run, achieving a total of just 4 bases also scoring just one run. Even though the home team got far more hits and bases – the game still ends in a tie (presuming no extra innings). This is how primary elections work. In the end only the runs (delegates) count, not the raw vote (number of hits or bases achieved). Bernie and Pete ended in a dead heat tie because only the delegate matter. Both got 9 delegates.

Bernie got more raw votes in NH, Hillary got more raw votes in 2016, Gore got more raw votes in 2000 – none of them won.
Stop believing the fake news

….Well….if Americans want a Communist President disguised a "Socialist" ….a very active "leftist militant" since his young age…..a presidential candidate who chants those well known Red slogans like Solidarity !…Revolution !!! ….who enjoyed his honeymoon with his wife in the Soviet Union in 1988….the one who was caught live on TV during the last presidential campaign three years ago glorifying the Cuban repressive Communist regime….then Americans can vote for Sanders………Political History is telling me not to take any chance …that's why I wouldn't vote for him…..

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