“My Final Project” – Unreal Engine VES Program c.2020

I recently participated in an online instruction program from Epic Games and the Visual Effects Society (VES), geared at teaching the fundamentals of Unreal Engine to VFX professionals in the film industry. After four weeks of intensive live & pre-taped online courses, we were tasked with crafting our own “proof of concept” – a video that displays we learned something. This is my (brief) proof of concept.

Using 3D assets, models, and more from both the Epic Games Marketplace and Quixel Bridge/Mixer, I was able to build this proof from an empty level, tasked with building out the world, arranging the pre-made assets, and constructing the visual sequence in Unreal’s sequencer.

Music is from the soundtrack to “Alien 3”, by Elliot Goldenthal.

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