Adad Hannah “Social Distancing Video Portrait 43“, 2020

Social Distancing Video Portrait 43 (Friday night edition). Found these guys at the gas station. At first I assumed they were #irresponsibleyoungdudes but it turns out I was wrong. Stay safe young dudes.

Music composed by Brigitte Dajczer @brigamusic Turn on the sound

Daniel, Nima, Devin

“We’re Quarantine Buddies. We all just stay at this guy’s house, it’s a nice little life. It’s enjoyable, just us three, playing video games and doing our schoolwork. We planned this in advance. I have a girlfriend but I haven’t seen her in at least a week, it’s pretty sad, I won’t lie. We’re young, we’ve never experienced anything like this before. It’s hard to believe it might last till summer. Back then we were all making jokes about bat soup and now it’s serious.”

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