Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 Mini Version: R36A Wi-Fi USB Router + AWUS036NH Long Range Repeater Kit

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Price: $89.99
(as of Jun 14,2021 00:21:45 UTC – Details)


The Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 Mini works just like the full size Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2, but with smaller pieces designed for indoor use or smaller spaces. It includes the same R36A USB Wi-Fi router that is in the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2, but instead of the larger outdoor USB tube and antenna, it includes an indoor USB receiver and smaller 5 dBi antenna. The perfect way to get a range boost where the original Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 may be too big. Use inside RVs near a window if you don’t want to mount an outdoor antenna on the outside of the RV. Use on small covered decks at apartment complexes where the HOA rules may prohibit the installation of larger outdoor WiFi antennas. Or take it with you in a laptop travel bag and use in a hotel or on the road. The Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 Mini includes: -Alfa R36A USB WiFi router + 5 dBi antenna -Alfa AWUS036NH indoor USB Wi-Fi receiver + 5 dBi antenna -10 ft USB cable to go between R36A and AWUS036NH -U-mount holder for AWUS036NH with suction cup and clip attachment (suction cup to a window)* -wall AC power supply -Ethernet cable This is a special kit shipping in one retail box that features all of the above equipment designed to pick up a weak Wi-Fi signal and repeat it as your own personal hotspot. This is ideal for use on boats, RVs and campers, or larger properties. Place the R36A router indoors near a power outlet. Place the AWUS036NH about 10 feet away from the R36A using included USB cable to get it in a more optimal area for reception. Connect your PC or device to the R36A’s WiFi signal and go through configuration to pick out the network you are extending and enter the password. Now the original WiFi signal will be repeated around you as your own personal hotspot all of your devices can use.

Includes Alfa R36A Wi-Fi Router and AWUS036NH USB adapter
Suction cup/clip mount for AWUS036NH & 10 foot USB cable
Single Band 2.4 Ghz only for most power allowed by FCC
Ideal for Airstream coaches where mounting an outside antenna is not ideal
One year warranty and free phone technical support

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