Chamology 2020 Demo Reel

All works are personal work and non commercial. Works are date from January 2019 to current date. Description of works are as follow:

Work #1 – Short introduction video of Kaze: an original character design which is also my graffiti alter ego.

Work #2 – “Weekend Chill” a short end credit style video done during the weekend

Work #3 – “Beyond the Dream” a representation of a dream I had once

Work #4 – “Episode 27” a short montage celebrating my 27th birthday

Work #5 – “Beneath the Skies” a short lo-fi background video with a relaxing mood

Work #6 – “These 4 Walls” a visual representation of me in my 4 walled room as if I am in a prison of looping events.

Work #7 – “Takut” a short animation from a local rapper’s song which means “fear” in English

Work #8 – “Lost” a short animation in tribute to long lost side scrolling games.

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