President Trump slams Hunter Biden at first presidential debate | USA TODAY

President Trump rips Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. RELATED: Watch the full 1st Presidential Debate here President Trump seemed to …


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It is vitally important for Americans to understand that the collectivist
dictatorship of the future (that writers like Aldous Huxley and George Orwell
were warning us about) is not going to take over our country instantaneously as
in Nazi Germany or violently as in Soviet Russia, and certainly not by openly
declaring that it is going to take over.
It is coming about very slowly and subtly by the adoption of false ideas and a
subconscious self-deception among the intellectuals that lead our nation, by
corruption of the word symbols that the people use, and by a philosophical
distortion of the reality around them.
Such deceptions and corruptions make the people believe that what they are
getting is some new enlightened kind of freedom, some sort of “progressive,”
“creative,” and “benevolent” government that will erect a great utopia of
material wealth, where all men will be perpetually secure and successful no
matter what the levels of their capability, intelligence, and energy are.
The modern-day tyrant gains his power by telling the people that he is going to
make life more plentiful and beautiful for them than they are capable of doing
on their own. And in most cases, he actually believes he is going to.
He proclaims that their concern for freedom is “old fashioned,” that they must
go beyond such “simplistic desires” to a Great Planned Society where
enlightened bureaucrats and philosopher kings will guide them through their
life’s decisions and tribulations, relieving them of the responsibility of
their acts while providing them with all their basic needs.
It is a siren song as base as the power lust it springs from, and it lures the
people of a country into a collectivist slavery as sure as the darkness of night
follows the light of day.
Truth that hurts.
But, it fails in comparison to the hurt I believe is about to put on this
so-called Nation, being "Ruled" under Secrets and Lies.
Honesty is the best Policy. Nothing "Changes", without the
"Truth", we're living proof.
But, I believe the days of US living under the "Rule" of Secrets and
Lies are Numbered, the Writing is on my Wall.
What we allow, will continue, and be done onto US.
The People need to let our Public Servants know who the real Masters are.
I believe banisters are the Treasonists are the "True" Terrorists,
Insider Traders, and Traitors.
I believe we have Acts of Treason, in the highest Degree, being committed by
those sitting in the highest places.
To solve the Crime of the Destruction of America follow the money.

Is Hunter running for President? TRUMP just shut up your progeny are horrible robbing charities to fund your lifestyle. Trumps cannot be part of charities in New York.

Mllions struggled with addiction and end up on the street. Joe enable his son by abusing his power so Hunter can become millionaire and have lavish lifestyle. One thing I agree with Joe, "his son did nothing wrong" but Joe did. This is not about your son addiction it's about the corruption that you made Joe.

"The president has long sold himself as a self-made billionaire, but a Times investigation found that he received at least $413 million in today’s dollars from his father’s real estate empire, much of it through tax dodges in the 1990s.
President Trump participated in dubious tax schemes during the 1990s, including instances of outright fraud, that greatly increased the fortune he received from his parents, an investigation by The New York Times has found."Much of this money came to Mr. Trump because he helped his parents dodge taxes. He and his siblings set up a sham corporation to disguise millions of dollars in gifts. Hi guys, can you Tell me how to cheat uncle sam, Also?

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I think Trump is in any position to say anything about Biden’s kids on corporate ethics. Wasn't it Trump’s own children that had to go through training classes to not steal from charities in NY State and permanently barred from running a foundation in the future? They needed the Hulk to moderate and keep the toddler n’ chief in check…

The Democratic party should have the easiest presidential win in history over Trump, but they nominated a incompetent senile old man thats throwing away the easiest election ever.

Teacher, "Children, what have you learned in school this week?"

Children, "We have learned that Donald Trump is not a successful businessman but just an ordinary reality show star."

Teacher, "Good, what else have you learned?"

Children, "We have learned that massive debt is not good and if no-one in America will give you a loan because you have gone bankrupt 6 times already, Russian companies like maybe Bayrock Group with their criminal connections could become dangerous business partners if you can't pay up."

Teacher, "Very good, anything else?"

Children, "We still get afraid when Donald Trump's Brownshirts pass us by in their big trucks with Donald Trump MAGA-flags. Trump did say they should Stand Back And Stand By but we don't believe him because he has been caught lying over 20.000 times."

Teacher, "I know children, you have to be careful with those Brownshirts."

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