Stone Soup – Whanganui (Otis video – Feb 2020)

“Good morning, Otismakers”, Jess says with her arms outstretched & a big smile on her face. It was almost midday when we arrived at Stone Soup. Tables & chairs & much-needed sun umbrellas had been set up in the middle of the park & surrounded by marquees. Children were running around playing while their parents chatted & laughed with one another.

Over the sound system, Stone Soup coordinator, Judy Kumeroa, let us know how the day would unfold. Behind her stood several large tables in preparation for the food that would be arriving shortly.
Since 2007, Stone Soup gatherings have been an important feature of the social landscape of Whanganui. Every two months, hundreds of people gather together at a local park to share food, games, music, & to discuss community issues.
We believe that making films with others can bring us closer to what is at stake for individuals in our communities; a making with the world that both inspires & humbles us all in the same breath.
Enjoy this tiny little snippet of celebrating the enormous importance of bringing people together through making music, making films, making food, & making community through the sharing of knowledge.
Thank you to our dear friend, @jessicakahukura & her family for allowing us into their worlds, & to Judy Kumeroa & the Te Ora Hou Whanganui Whanau.

Music by Dreaddymck on Opsound.

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