Zaku News! – USA Gundam TV [Feb.24, 2020] PG Unleashed / Chogokin Hello Kitty / Gunpla 40th Anniv.

Not much for new kits but a lot of new figure stuff on the way, as well as the announcement of a new Perfect Grade Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam in the works!


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Yes I cannot find it! I already looked at my local hobby shops and nothing. My best bet it’s getting it from Japan but by the time it gets here contesta will probably be over. Next time restock plenty usagundamstore because you are famous now so you should know better.

Hey ZakuAurelius, after saying "Don't know what exactly the material is", "I would guess some sort of metal alloy", the following slide you show actually tell you what the alloy is. Ti = Titanium, Al = Aluminum, Yo = Yttrium. Basically the model is using a Titanium Aluminum Yttrium alloy. Which seem that trying to represent the fictional Gundanium Alloy.

Just gonna leave this here since you mentioned it: Please consider extending the Natchin contest deadline, I ordered a couple from USA Gundam Store the day you announced it and they still haven't arrived. Tracking tells me they probably arrive this week, but it would be nice to have some more time to work on them.

So Today is the day I found out that Graham was still alive after the movie and was the pilot of Exia Repair IV (which he calls the Graham Gundam) as well as a member of Celestial Being………

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