Let Your Light Shine!☀️ – Children’s Summer Camp 2020

Please enjoy the video of this year’s Summer Camp captured and edited by Melanie Crosthwaite!

This year’s Children’s Summer Camp was a 3-day non-residential event at Cleeve House. It was short, but sweet! The theme, introduced by coordinators Miwa Shaw and Richard Raineri, was “Let Your Light Shine”, encouraging each child to shine out their unique qualities, as expressed by the colourful banner designed by Alicia Le Bas. The children (aged 6-12) were put into junior and senior teams led by five team leaders: young volunteers who had graduated the Children’s Summer Camp themselves a few years back. Parents had agreed to arrange their own accommodation nearby, so that the children could be brought in for day activities starting at 10am and then collected at 6pm. In this way, we were able to keep to government guidelines regarding the pandemic. Lots of hand-washing and cleaning enabled the risk of spreading infections to be kept absolutely negligible. Meanwhile, many parents enjoyed the opportunity to meet over some socially-distanced picnics, while exploring the local countryside. All this was made possible by the faith and commitment of the families involved, the support of all the volunteer staff, together with some timely financial support from FFWPU UK and the local community funds. Many thanks to all!
The children learned about the meaning of “letting their light shine” through an intensive schedule of outdoor and indoor activities. The outdoor activities were led by Vitas Le Bas and Achan Mould. The children took part in a variety of games and challenges, practising teamwork and problem solving. In fact, they enjoyed one of the games, Capture the Flag, so much that they started a petition to play the game again, pinning up a paper to collect everyone’s signatures – and were successful! The indoor activities were led by Chris Le Bas and Narumi Miller, who taught the senior and junior teams respectively. They learned about some core principles of growing up with God, as well as the virtues of faith and self-respect through studying the story of Joseph. Afterwards, teams practised and performed short skits about Joseph’s life. As a craft project, they made and decorated lighthouses so they could let their light shine at home! All of their efforts were rewarded with points for their team, resulting in lots of excitement over the eventual winners: Mark Cooper’s team “Spicy Sparklers” and Jamie Kong’s team “Green Lanterns”. Congratulations to everyone!
When asked about what they learned one evening, a participant said “I learned that playing in teams is more fun.” Another said “I learned it’s not so hard to make new friends.”
We look forward to seeing the children return for next year’s Summer Camp, along with more young friends – all of us hopefully in less restrictive circumstances!
The Children’s Summer Camp team 2020

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