Supernova Digital Animation Festival 2020 Student Shorts Program Preview

What started out as “Animation for all Ages,” a stalwart of Denver Digerati programming preceding the advent of Supernova, has now grown into the most exciting category within the festival. Student work is the core that continually inspires us and supports our belief that today’s youth have been absorbing the use of digital tools for quite some time now and desire to apply them towards artistic goals, thoughts, and careers, at increasingly younger ages. Absorbed in streaming services that offer vast libraries at their fingertips, as well as an endless supply of video games firing the synapses in their brains, the youth of today are capable of remarkable artistic strides that only continue to advance. Think of athletes driven to the top of their fields, it’s no different with digital pioneers who are either self taught or under the tutelage of amazing professors. All know tech way better than us, and we are now overwhelmed by the response of young artists seeking to make a name for themselves in this new digital-art landscape. The program is now a wide showcase of institutions in the US and across the world, all showing excellence in a rapidly growing field. Select student works can also be found throughout Supernova’s other curated programs, highlighting some of the most exciting new artists to keep an eye on in the field today.

All animations are eligible for cash prize awards, to be determined by Denver Digerati’s Board of Directors.
The full artist lineup will be available on September 3rd on

Selections from Supernova’s Student Shorts program will screen live in Denver, Colorado on Saturday September 19th on the 14th and Champa LED screen. The program will be available to the world through on Friday September 18th beginning at 6pm.

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