Snapchat Animation – Indonesia Independence Day 2020

I’m incredibly excited to share my recent collaboration with Snapchat for Indonesia’s Independence Day, 2020. Colloquially known as tujuhbelasan or 17-an which means “seventeenth” in Indonesian.

It is a joyous celebration filled with activities. After the flag ceremony in the morning, people usually organise various games and competitions for children and adults for the afternoon. One of which is the gunny sack race.

In the Mass Snap video, I’ve created three characters:
Agus, the Orangutan,
Ketut, an Indonesian kid
and Susi, the Cassowaries.
They are celebrating the national holiday by participating in the gunny sack race.

My featured work involved creating the entire concept, visuals, 5 second Mass Animation, stickers and filters.

This Snap was showcased in Indonesia.

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