Top 5 Most Extreme Female Bodybuilders

Top 5 Most Extreme Female Bodybuilders (muscle women, female muscle, musclular & Muscled females) | Top Female Bodybuilding Motivation | By TheMaster (mmamaster)

Subscribe now! Click here: we’re used to seeing roided-up males with impossibly proportioned muscles, it’s still a bit shocking to see women with the same dimensions. These female body builders have taken their fitness regimen to the next level. As challenging as it is for men to reach these sizes, it’s even harder for women to do it.

This female bodybuilding motivation documentary will show you the best body transformation, steroids and diet results.Female bodybuilding workouts and fitness motivation competition 2016.

In this video you will see: Iris Kyle, Tina Chandler, Helle Trevino , Alina Popa, Debi Laszewski, Yaxeni Oriquen, Irene Andersen,

In this day and age, men want a female who is slim, maybe a little toned, and gorgeous. Men typically want a woman who is smaller than them to help aid in their ego and masculinity to reassure their role as the protector of the house.

When we think of bodybuilders, we think of men such as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman who have large bulging muscles with their veins popping out and possibly abusing steroids.

Yes, men and women’s bodies are very different and they react differently to the intense workout regime. Bodybuilders work out for several hours a day and constantly taking supplements to bulk up. In the world of female bodybuilding, women are taking a different approach than what men have taken on. In the fitness world, women were once paranoid of getting those large bulging muscles like men have achieved. So, female bodybuilder who are trying to get a little larger have a challenge ahead for them in their training. Sometimes that means having to go through extreme measures that have resulted in shocking transformations.

There have been female bodybuilders who have managed to get quite large with their muscles, and have made headlines and their own claim of fame by being trendsetters with their transformations.

The women in this video have also managed to pull off some amazing achievements with online communities, training programs, and support from all corners of the world, more females are joining the world of bodybuilding, and now the men have to move over and make room.

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