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Sakshi NRI Special Show | IPL Dhamaka 2020 | Future Cricket In the USA with Advait, Venkatesh, Venu and Venky. Watch Sakshi News, a round-the-clock …


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Many thanks to Saakshi TV channel for reaching out to successful and established Indian Diaspora. Cricket is one sport that’s binding NRIs of different castes, religions, languages etc. However, it being a patriarchal colonial game, NRI women are not getting enough opportunities to play the game.

Besides Cricket, there are a few other sports becoming popular among NRI youth like Tennis, Badminton, Basketball and volley ball, all of which can be played indoors in cities with adverse climates and also those sports are less time-consuming given the hectic work and family schedules. May be the Ministry of External Affairs and several Indian expat organizations like those mentioned in the video encourage those games too.

I apologize for saying anything inconvenient, incorrect and wrong due to limitations in my time, my understandings, this comment space and my caste. I wholeheartedly felt it is my duty as a human being to write here based on my life’s experiences and research before I lose high-tech communication due to inflicted disabilities and subsequent poverty, and then probably may even die sooner (guessing within few years) due to you know what and you know who since last 73 years in India.

So many NRIs are talented in Sciences, Technologies, Engineering, Management, Medical Sciences and various other fields. There are so many entrepreneurs too around the world, they must be brought onto Saakshi TV so that nearly 80 million Telugus living in AP and TG learn from them on how to better their careers, businesses or they get an idea of how to explore the worlds where NRIs expatriated.

Every year nearly 10 lakh engineers graduate from Indian Universities. Few millions of Indian Youth who excelled in engineering studies are not able to find jobs let alone start their businesses in High-tech due to entry barrier being created by large MNCs taking over India just like it happened since 1498AD. Also, India’s development is like there are so many toilets but no water, it’s like having a car but no access to fuel, it’s like so many Indian farmers using sickles to chop heads for Politicians instead of using the same for their crops. Also, how long will Indians be satisfied sending IT gulams around the world? Though India got independence in 1947, it feels like Indian graduates and Indian post-graduates are still shackled in chains of slavery and worse even exported to other nations as High-Tech Gulams shamelessly taking pride as High tech upper caste elite slave-traders & slave wardens. (Since last three millennia, Africans did the same to their own peoples of other religions, castes, languages and tribes in slave trades. Therefore, I ask

How can Saakshi NRI team utilize the Indian NRIs, Telugu or non-telugu, to inspire and empower nearly 40 million Telugu youth for entrepreneurship, job creation or at least to pursue better careers for themselves and their families? If a politician gets on stage and says India will start microchip company by spending 14 billion US dollars that provides jobs to few crores of people, people should be able to understand it just like farmer schemes, free-food schemes, women schemes or medical subsidies etc. How can Indian NRIs and Indian News Media (not only Saakshi) contribute towards creating such an environment to revolutionize India first in terms of technologies, sciences and engineering?

India must develop there is no alternative. Personally I think majority of Indians and Asians swarm into Americas because of lack of opportunities. Japan closed the gap. South Korea almost closed the gap. China is fast closing that gap. Also I think “Skilled-Worker Slave trade” is not the only trade that exists even in 21st century. While Indians are wallowing in self-pride about their Communication Skills(“English speaking skills”) in Software field (“IT Slave Trade”), Chinese zoomed past into an era of bullet trains, Alibabas, Weibos, Xiaomi, Huawei, Comacs, J-15s, JH-17s, J-31s, DJI Drones, manned Space missions, Lenovos, Spreadtrums, Didi Chuxing, Le Ecos, SMIC, Robots, Electric Cars, Lens Technologies, Hanergy Holdings, China Mobile, Wang Jianlin’s Commercial Properties etc. Do you know which country has the largest bullet train network? I am not against China and I admire the smart & hard-working Chinese people. Every nation that fought with China went and invested in Hi-tech businesses/manufacturing in China(like USA, France, Japan, Taiwan, SK etc.)…Not Chappal/Garment business/IT Gulam business or Amazon/Walmart business like they do with India…For example, in the field of IC/Electronic manufacturing, foreign investments in China is much more than what any nation promised India. Also, I read Chinese government itself is investing more than 100 billion dollars into electronics/semiconductors field to support local and foreign investments. Now China is competing with USA in Artificial Intelligence too…

When someone speaks about “Development”, one thinks only about “economic development”. Thus, the nations of the world are divided based on their economic development as Developed nations, Developing nations, and third-world. If you analyze and observe, the nations that are transitioning from the status of third-world to developing to developed nations have similar ways of life and they do not follow their religions verbatim though they strive to defend the same for political and economic gains. Just upgrading economic reforms and relaxing Indian tax laws won’t help. Besides Economic reforms, India needs waves of social/cultural reforms in parallel to catch up with China, USA, Japan, SK, Germany or other developed nations. There were waves of social and cultural reforms in India pre-independence (1947) to unite the Indian people against colonial rule. However, after Indian Independence not much has happened especially in Hindus and Muslims. How can Indian NRIs and Indian News Media (not only Saakshi) contribute towards creating such an environment of socialist modernization (including women empowerment) in at least states of AP and TG, if not India?

Right now, the pathetic state of India is such that almost all Indian politicians, businesses, scientists, professors, army top officials etc. are busy settling their children and relatives in foreign countries buying and supporting useless properties under investor based green card program. Also, if someone sneezes in Parliament or State Legislatures, they end up in America, Canada, Singapore or other developed nations. All these politicians and top bureaucrats don’t have any incentive to make India develop indigenously quickly like China because they prefer to cut foreign deals and put the kickback money in foreign banks with their children. Also, at many Indian schools and universities many students and their professors are working on solving other nations’ and foreign companys’ problems publishing papers, attending international seminars and adding the same to resumes so they get admissions abroad and/or secure better jobs elsewhere in the (developed) world. At least some of those university resources must be aligned to benefit India (ISRO, DRDO, Indian Jurisprudence, Corporations, MNCs and Governance of India). And Youth & their professors who participate in public (Governments’) and private(NGO, Corporations etc.) initiatives/departments may be given right remuneration/certificates/mementos/credits as responsible citizens.

For further research, I beg all privileged (political leaders (in position, opposition), business magnets, political pundits/mullahs/fatheries/rabbis, star celebrities, and yourself if possible) travel around India, USA, China, Singapore, Japan, SK and elsewhere around the world. Let us pray together and wish they not only enjoy their trips, take pictures/videos, opening bank accounts, teaching/learning/blaming religions and “experience foods, nature, imaraten/buildings/towers, shopping foreign mall, finding/giving/getting spouses, honey-moon, enjoying music, wine, dance, night-life, and cultures” but also advise/teach their fellow human-beings their experiences/wisdom (old & new) for progress, peace, harmony and prosperity of not only entire world but also India. (Given a chance, like you, they are also keen, highly adaptive and always refine themselves!)

I apologize if I said anything inconvenient. Majority of people in this world reason though they may be afraid to express themselves in public. Let us all humbly meditate and introspect

“Do we, even now in 21st century, depend on foreign countries for vaccines, high-tech gadgets and computers, planes, and weapons or we now vow to, at least take few minutes to explain others the importance of making India most technologically advanced nation and motivate citizens to proselytize/bootstrap indigenous technologies even with little funds?”

Once again, please kindly forgive me if I said anything incorrect and wrong or hurt your feelings! Also due to time constraints, please kindly forgive my Indlish mistakes too! I will correct my Indlish mistakes as time permits!

Satyameva Jayathe, Kal Gandikota

Note: I am not paid to write here and not seeking favors. I wrote here so I get replies from fellow viewers to educate myself. That said, I am not affiliated with any political party, any religion, caste, tribe, sect, region, last name, pincode, language, gender (women including LGBTQ), media, NGO, business, any Government institution, dress habits, food habits, exercise habits etc. Every state of India and every nation of colored peoples must develop in high tech, sciences, technologies, engineering, management, medical sciences, mathematics, politics etc. There is no way to alternative. Yesterday's target Muslims, current targets Blacks and Chinese, tomorrow will be NRIs in colonized worlds…

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