XEO Webinar 6-3-2020

In these uncertain times, businesses are searching for new ways to interact with customers. The old way of doing business no longer works in today’s environment and Xcite Interactive has built a platform that allows companies to engage with customers at home throughout the season.

XEO, a platform that allows teams, fans and sponsors to connect with one another in an easy-to-use second screen experience that drives engagement, real time data and sentiment through a variety of customized applications. Fans will automatically earn loyalty points for each interaction which can be redeemed for team and sponsor prizes. Data can easily be exported and shared, providing significant value to your business analytics, marketing, corporate partnerships and ticket sales teams.

XEO will allow your fans to consume second-screen content in a variety of private rooms. Your season ticket holders and corporate partners will enjoy a premium experience that includes exclusive access while the general fan base will enjoy a variety of fun interactions.

Engage fans during the pregame show via Polling, Trivia and Predictive Gaming. Fans who answer questions correctly can win a catered lunch during the game, compliments of one of your restaurant partners. Get your fans pumped up for kickoff with a hype video and starting lineup animations. Fans can also tell you what they think of the uniform combination for the game through a “Thumbs Up Thumbs Down” meter.

Throughout the game, fans will have the ability of compete for points and prizes through a variety of customized games such as a virtual Field Goal Kick and Predictive Gaming. Fans can also cheer for big plays through XEO’s “Sound Off” feature – which sends sound back into the stadium in real time, providing your team with a home field advantage. You will also have the ability to send video highlights, stats and interviews to fans throughout the game.

Following the final whistle, ask fans about their online experience via a Fan Sentiment Meter. You will also have the ability to push fans to the online team store by offering an exclusive flash sale. Lastly, remind customers to tune into the postgame show and ancillary programming throughout the week.

XEO is the all-encompassing solution you need to engage with fans.

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