Water Rowing Machine WORKOUTS for Beginners to Advanced

FREE report – 5 Workouts Actors Use to Get Shredded are 4 water rowing machine workouts for the beginner, intermediate and advanced athlete. There is also a BONUS workout for anyone looking for something fresh and fun. Water Rowing is amazing for conditioning, strength and power. Have you ever tried the water rowing machine before? If you haven’t, you’ve GOT to get yourself on one, there is a huge difference.

Water rowing machines have tons of benefits and although they can be more expensive then the alternative air or fan rower they are superior, no question. In this video, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Brian Klepacki, shows you some of the best ways to use a water rowing machine in your training. He explains the benefits of using this piece of equipment over an air or fan rower as well.

These are great for HIIT style workouts, as a full body warm up or even as a finisher to burn out the body!

Water Rowing Machine Workouts for Beginners to Advanced


3-5 minutes at low resistance

18-22 strokes per minute


6-10 minutes at moderate resistance

22-26 strokes per minute

strength: 10 fwd lunge, 10 squats, 10 push ups, 30s plank


1000m intervals, 3-10 sets

moderate to heavy resistance

work to rest – 1:1


:30 on and :30 off, 3-10 sets

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