Women Test Bodybuilders Muscle Power (HE WASN'T READY FOR THIS!)

Women challenge bodybuilder to attempt 3 incredible strength tests to find out…. Are bodybuilders strong ? This is the ultimate test of extreme strength and fitness. A bodybuilder is pushed to the limits, his muscles test from every angle through a series of tests he had not trained for. Presented by Charlotte Summers and Grace Adderley

0:00 Intro

0:48 Outline of the challenges

1:33 Car Dead Lift

4:42 Man Vs Machine

6:19 60 Ft Rope Climb

8:39 Post Challenge Interview

Bodybuilders are renowned for their intense workout plans, dedication and extreme fitness regimes. The girls have three intense challenges lined up with one aim… to push the bodybuilders muscles to the absolute limit and find out once and for all… how strong are bodybuilders?

Here are the strength challenges, rarely heard of in bodybuilding and more likely to be found in a strong man contest!

1) Car Dead Lifts – How many reps can the bodybuilder perform whilst deadlifting a Honda Jazz. The car is reverse onto a car deadlifting platform designed specifically for the task.

2) Muscle Man Vs Machine – this is probably the most nuts challenge of them all… Charlotte sits behind the wheel of the car and she drive the car forward …

3) 60 Ft Rope Climb – In this final challenge a very long rope is hoisted up a crane, Grace and Charlotte challenge the bodybuilder to climb up to the very top. This is a hard upper body challenge.

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