GO Hatchet Bay – Game Simulation (08/27/2020)

This is a simulation of the latest entry in the GO series of “games for change,” GO Hatchet Bay. Originally commissioned by the 2008 international Seville Biennial, the GO series can vary to illustrate different environmental situations. It can be played as an interactive installation, with a computer screen camera, or online (in development). It is based on the ancient Asian game of GO, which uses strategies to capture territory. The game is only over once both sides have won through cooperation.

There are several ways the game can be played. The simulation depicts how the game is played with a computer screen camera. To understand the rules take note of the following guidelines while watching the simulation:

* Game starts once the black and white “stones” appear on game board. Game move is registered by the camera by player’s motion. Territory is captured when one color is surrounded by another color.
* Atari – when in danger of being captured, a yellow dot appears on the endangered “stone” and the subsequent video turns yellow.
* Capture – when one color has captured another color, the subsequent video turns red. A red line also surrounds the captured color’s rectangle above board.
* Game continues until the second color also captures territory and both sides have won.
* Once both sides have won the grand finale video plays.

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