2020 08 07 — BLUE ROOM Investment Team Bullpen

Friday, August 7, 2020

Next up, I have to apologize to Spencer (our first intern) whose last name I have managed to misspell for quite some time now.

2:50 Spencer Wootten (2 — OOs and TTs) admits to spending two hours downloading and cataloging over sixty SEC filings for Sangamo. I spend two minutes thanking him for his effort to make organized company research files.

Colin reveals he really likes food from food trucks. Last night he had street tacos with some friendly neighborhood kids. Golf this weekend. Now leaning back to going back to Duke.

Julie is still working through the Immune System, almost done she says. No huge plans this weekend, other than weekend family tennis which is becoming a thing to do. Little brother in middle school starts school soon. He has been playing video games all summer.

Jared is heading to Europe! I am going to miss his NHL and corn hole updates.

Ian has friends coming in from school this weekend, randomly, from different places. The outdoors calls.

Omar (O—G) has a haircut scheduled for this evening and he is excited for that. Prospect Trail Barbershop. Golf too. Then Formula 1 this Sunday at 7 AM.

Time Stamp 12 minutes 43 seconds:

Somehow we launch into Silver and then it’s all over as we talk about Avino Silver Mines and then we launch into an extended monologue on Liquidity.

My stock pick is MTYFF.

28:25 The Grain Project Update and Thoughts around “why” in general.

53:10 We Need a Business Plan

Something about a fortune and a losing a fortune.

Time Stamp 1 Hour 8 Minutes

Love this meeting

Time Stamp 1 Hour 13 Minutes

What Is IE Seed and how does it relate to IE Mills?

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