Friday, January 3, 2020: Part 2 – Burnaby BC, Swimming, Indian

Friday, January 03, 2020: Part 2 – After doing an Applebee’s delivery in Bellingham which took them up north to Lynden near the Canadian border for drop-off, King Cian gets his allowance and they hit Duty Free at the border. Cian gets his money converted to Canadian. The border guard has issues with the permission letter not being the original notorized copy and almost doesn’t let them go across. They are given the benefit of a doubt and head across to go for a swim at the Guilford Recreation Center, and have Indian food for dinner at Baba Sweets in Burnaby. Cian was not impressed with Indian food. Oisin discusses differences between recreation centers in Canada, Washington, and Colorado. High winds cancel their planned trip to Van Dusen Festival of Lights. They head over to hang out with Bernie, Jay, and Elaine. The kids played video games together and got acquainted. Adventures of Sir Oisin and King Cian: Saga Exploring Cascadia. Videoblog. Run Time: 4 min, 55 sec. Soundtrack: Traveling by Morning Bear. Visit the tale at: Videoblog created for King Cian as an archive of adventures with Dad. Published on Magisto, WordPress, and Youtube.

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