Monday, July 20, 2020: Part 1 – Scooter and Cian learns Oil Painting

Monday, July 20, 2020: Part 1 – Oisin and Cian get up to a hot summer day – have water fights, Cian plays on his scooter, and have fun. Video games, web blogging/vlogging, Stick man. Cian does stunts with his scooter. Fighting the heat. Cian then wants to learn how to do Oil Painting, so dad teaches him, introduces him to charcoal and the paints. Looked over Grandma’s art. Afternoon break at the Sumas water park around the corner to cool off more. Cian draws a King Alien who invades the planet shooting lasers and taking captives. Run Time: 5 min, 44 sec. Soundtrack: Making Memories by Hawksilver. Visit the tale at Videoblog created by Magisto. King Cian’s tales adventures with Dad. Published on Magisto, WordPress, and Youtube.

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