Forcing People to Speak About What They Don’t Understand, 2020

2020, シングルチャンネルのビデオ(23分19秒)

Forcing People to Speak About What They Don’t Understand
2020, Single channel video (23min 19sec)
The policy speech made by Prime Minister Suga on 26th September 2020 at the Seventy-Fifth
Session of the United Nations General Assembly was full of old-fashioned ideology, which conformed to the experience of Japan’s explosive economic growth triggered by the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, and the content of the speech alluded how we Japanese have not grown and adapted to the times for about 60 years from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics to the 2020 Olympic Games. A video project in which Niwa asked a person who doesn’t understand Japanese to speak the original text of this speech – a speech filled with old ideology that none of us young can believe. Niwa transcribed the sound of the text of Abe’s speech using alphabet letters, so at least she can pronounce it even if she doesn’t know what it meant. While she doesn’t know what she is speaking about, we, the Japanese people, almost perfectly understand what she is saying. By separating the created meaning of speech and understanding of speakers, this project explores what is behind the words and what understanding itself is supposed to mean in the post-truth era. And at the same time, it overlaps the figure of the Japanese government giving a speech although their thoughts are shut down i.e. do not comprehend the trend of the times of these 60 years. This is the second project of the Olympics series.

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