July 2020 Statistics: My Social Media Journey #5

Part 5 of my journey to become a Social Media Influencer in my sphere of interest, namely Board Games. In this video I provide a brief summary of my progress in the 2 months since I started this journey.

It’s good to keep score to see if my strategy is working and I intend to be totally transparent with my followers as we journey together. Please bear in mind that some of the percentage increases may seem high but that reflects the fact that the starting numbers were low. Here are some of the highlights.

Facebook Followers: +47 (+38%)
Facebook Likes: +43 (+35%)
Instagram Followers: +149 (+7.5%)
Twitter Followers: +32 (+6.5%)
Twitter Impressions: +24K (+915%)
Website Unique Visitors: +1,599 (+43%)

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