Siamo felici di presentarvi una breve video chat con Auriea Harvey & Michaël Samin che anche quest’anno insegnano GAME ART nel Master of Arts in Game Design dell’Università IULM di Milano.

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GAME ART will guide students in developing the look and feel of their games. An emphasis will be placed on a practical and experimental frameworks for individuals and small teams, with students approaching art direction and production as artists, moving laterally between all aspects of the pipeline, from research and outlining, to digital content creation in 2d and 3d. As an introduction to this approach, the course will start with a brief survey of video and computer graphics history and look at how artists and programmers have creatively incorporated the features and limitations of their tools and hardware as parameters of a visual language, or how they have side-stepped them altogether. Students will learn valuable skills in creating authored content, such as: how to imagine the player’s experience inside your virtual world; using 3D software for modeling, rigging and animation, photogrammetry, 3D scanning and motion capture; and use of 2D software for imaging, digital painting, texturing, typography and UI work. Unique approaches for building Materials, Shaders, Lighting, and Effects, will also be emphasized in coursework, to exemplify the various alternative and creative ways to develop a visual style and atmosphere beyond photorealism.

Auriea Harvey is co-founder of Tale of Tales. Net art pioneers, she and Michael Samyn have been creating award winning independent games and digital artworks together for the past twenty years. From multiplayer deer screen-saver The Endless Forest to IGF Nuovo prize winning sex game Luxuria Superbia to the extreme politics of Sunset to technicolor horror fairy tale The Path; Auriea has designed, modeled, and experimented with the medium of polygons inside game engines. Her philosophy is to do whatever it takes, whatever she can, to get across a concept. Using digital and analog techniques, drawing from diverse cultural references, she creates works of subtle (and not so subtle) expression. Her emphasis is always on what it means to be human with your finger on the button. She is currently creating paintings, sculptures, and experiments with VR. She teaches in Kassel, Germany, and Milan, Italy.

Michaël Samyn is half of Tale of Tales, an artist couple that has been masquerading as an independent game development studio for 12 years during which they published 8 games – The Endless Forest, The Graveyard, The Path, Fatale, Vanitas, Bientôt l’été, Luxuria Superbia and Sunset -, each of which was met with equal measures of applause and consternation. Michaël sort of hates games. But he loves the medium that videogames use because he sees in it the possibility to continue the great tradition of art and culture that was rudely interrupted by the modernism of the 20th century. With a background in graphic design, furniture design, music, web design, and videogames, and a passion for Old Master art and Christian architecture, Michaël currently explores the amalgamation of the sacred and the digital in Tale-of-Tales’ first post-games project, Cathedral-in-the-Clouds.

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