Kenya Interest Meeting This Week! // August 25, 2019 // VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENTS

To start it off, we are already preparing for next year’s mission trip, and for 2020 we will be returning to Kenya! If you are interested in going or learning more about this trip, then meet in the Willhite Prayer Room after service this next Sunday, September 1st!

Then, our next Ladies Night Out is on Friday, September 6th, at 7pm! The craft will be decorative cigar boxes, and all the main supplies will be provided for free, we just ask for donations and that you bring whatever decorations you want for your own box. Make sure to sign up so we have enough supplies and then join the ladies for a night of crafting and fellowship on September 6th.

Speaking of ladies, we will also have a special Ladies Gathering one week later on Friday, September 13th, at 7pm! With worship and a teaching, the focus of the night is simply the Bride encountering the Groom. There’s no need to sign up, and there won’t be childcare.

Then Sunday, September 8th, is a busy one! To start it off, our Foundations of the Faith bible class kicks off at 9am in Room 203, and covers some of the core beliefs of Christianity and is great for anyone. After service we’ll have our next baptisms in the foyer for anyone who has recently given your life to Christ or rededicated yourself, you just need to a change of dark clothes and go to the baptismal as we celebrate your newfound salvation with you! The final thing after service on the 8th is our next Spiritual Authority leadership class which will begin its next 5 week stretch and teaches on how to work under & through biblical authority. It is required for anyone who wants to serve in the church, and we do ask that you sign up.

And finally, we are less than two months away from our annual Fall Fest which is on Wednesday, October 2nd, at 6:30pm! In order to prepare for it, we want to go ahead and get volunteers in place on our Serve Team for the evening, so if you’d like to assist with operating games, set-up, tear-down, registration, or anything else, then sign-up will be available soon to help make the night possible. We also really need simple donations of small toys and individually wrapped candies for the night, which you can easily pick up at Walmart or the dollar store then drop off at the donation bins located around the building!

Check us out and share us with your family & friends!

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