Sony HXR-MC2500 HXRMC2500 Shoulder Mount AVCHD Camcorder with 3-Inch LCD (Black) With 16GB SSE Package Bundle Including:

Price: $1364.89


The HXR-MC2500 Shoulder Mount AVCHD Camcorder from Sony is designed for shooters looking for the inherent stability and professional feel a shoulder-mount form factor provides. It features a 1/4 Exmor R CMOS chip that can work with as little as 0.8 lux illumination when in SD mode, and low light performance is further augmented by a built-in LED light shinning 800 lumens at 1.6; distance. The camera records Full HD in the widely supported AVCHD format and can record SD in the DV codec with an AVI wrapper. Using DV rather than DVD-style MPEG-2 compression for SD means a higher quality thanks to lower compression and compatibility with more editing software. The camera is Wi-Fi enabled allowing you to control it from an app as well as monitor a low-latency live feed on a smartphone or tablet. This Kit Includes: 1- Sony HXRMC2500 Shoulder Mount AVCHD Camcorder with 3-Inch LCD (Black) 1- Extended Life Replacement Battery (NP-F970) 1- 16GB High Speed Error Free SDHC Memory Card 1- AC/DC Rapid Home/Car Charger 1- .43x Wide Angle Lens 1- 2.2x Telephoto Zoom Lens 1- 3 Piece Filter Kit Includes: UV, Circular Polarizer and Fluorescent Filter 1- USB SDHC Memory Card Reader 1- LED Video Light 1- Waterproof Shockproof Carrying Case 1- 72 Pro Tripod w/Carry Bag 1- Pro Tripod Dolly 1- Pack of LCD Screen Protectors 1- Lens/LCD Cleaning Kit 1- Mini Table Top Tripod 1- Exclusive Sunset Electronics Cleaning Cloth

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