3DHEALS Jenny Chen Interviews Gavan Wilhite, 3DHEALS2020 Software Design Interview

Dr. Jenny Chen (3DHEALS) interviews 3DHEALS2020 software design panelist Gavan Wilhite, an interesting conversation on how game developers have huge potential role in future biofabrication software design, fascinating VR world and how that translates into Gavan’s eventual desire to have a bigger impact in the physical world he is part of, and last but not the least, how generative design can play a big role in future design software development.

Gavan Wilhite, Founder AltspaceVR

Gavan Wilhite has spent his career leveraging video game technology to create a positive impact in other industries. He helped reinvent educational games at Disney, founded AltspaceVR, a social virtual reality company that was acquired by Microsoft, and is a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient. Originally from Honolulu, he now lives in San Francisco where he is building 3D generative modeling tools to accelerate tissue engineering.

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